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    Pumps for dewatering this winter

    Published on 15 February 2019, Friday, 3:45 AM

    Over the wet months, you may find yourself in need of pumps to help with moving water out of mining areas or construction sites.

    Kennards has a wide range of pump solutions available for hire, including trash pumps, submersible pumps, skid mounted pumps, high head pumps and silenced pumps.

    Last winter, seven pumps were moved into position at Canberra's main water treatment plant, with a flow of 800 litres required to rapidly empty part of the plant for scheduled maintenance.

    The pumps used were 200mm and 150mm silenced units, some of which were trailer-mounted and others skid-mounted.

    The 200mm pumps have a maximum capacity of 200 litres per second and a maximum head of 64m, with the 150mm pumps having a maximum capacity of 174 litres per second and maximum head of 60m.

    Last year's heavy summer rain in the eastern states also led for heavy demand for big pumps after a number of flooding incidents and for mine dewatering.

    Head to your nearest Kennards Pump & Power branch to explore the range of pumps available for hire.

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    Nathan Mills
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