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    Queensland electricians urged to take on new apprentices

    Published on 13 February 2019, Wednesday, 2:37 AM

    In the past decade, employment of electricians has grown at almost 'three times the rate' of the national workforce, with this demand expected to continue as a result of mining construction, clean energy developments and technology developments.

    E-Oz Energy Skills Australia is calling on Queensland's electricians to help avoid a 'statewide sparkie shortage' by taking on new apprentices under a new pilot program.

    The state faces a growing shortage of trained electricians, the rapid growth putting pressure on the training system, with projected contract completions falling by over 10 per cent since 2006.

    "The traditional apprenticeship program in the electrical trades is resulting in a drop-out rate of around 40 per cent," chief executive officer of E-Oz Energy Skills Australia Bob Taylor said.

    Mr Taylor said that this is "simply not good enough" with employers understandably wary about recruiting apprentices when there is a high chance they won't complete their training.

    "That’s why I am urging Queensland’s electricians to consider this new pilot program, which will result in far, far better retention rates."

    Apprentices need to pass a national aptitude assessment to be eligible to join the pilot program.

    Mr Taylor said that employers can feel confident that apprentices are up for the challenge by passing the national aptitude assessment, and under the pilot program progression is competency-based rather than time-based.

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