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    Red tape cuts for building in WA

    Published on 31 March 2015, Tuesday, 4:58 AM

    When you're trying to get a building or plumbing project completed, the last thing you want is red tape holding you back. You could have organised your electric breaker hire weeks in advance, prepared the tile surface for the operation and have else everything ready for subsequent projects, only to be held up by the wording of a permit for quite some time. 

    However, in Western Australia new moves are being taken to ensure that those working in the building and plumbing industry can get underway with their work much more efficiently - great news for everyone. 

    Taking it online

    In a March 31 statement, WA Commerce Minister Michael Mischin announced a series of reforms to these industries designed to speed up processes. This includes the ability to access the National Construction Code online for free, which enables everyone to check regulations without hassle.

    Furthermore, a great deal of detailed processes will be made available online. This includes the lodgment of building approval applications, plumbing notices, lodgment applications, certain renewals and a whole host of extra building and plumbing data.  It's effectively a whole new digital library opening up for some important WA industries. 

    "Plumbers submit over 135,000 paper notices of intent and work certificates each year. In addition, the Building Commission deals with 10,200 registration and licensing applications a year," said Mr Mischin.

    "Online lodgment and processing will be available 24 hours a day and will improve speed and efficiency of processing applications, reducing red tape and increasing productivity".

    Red tape a concern for all

    In a March 18 press release, Kate Carnell from the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry said the recent 2015 National Red Tape Survey highlighted just how much time businesses were spending on this kind of paperwork, and it was a problem.

    Moves like this from the WA government might let others be more productive and spend more time getting the right tools. Whether it is garden landscaping or building a new bathroom, getting down to business is going to be even easier. 

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    Nathan Mills
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