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    Ride-on shot blaster the perfect concrete cleaning solution

    Published on 13 February 2019, Wednesday, 3:32 AM

    Concrete cleaning can take a fair bit of time out of the day, and if you have a large area to cover then you might expect your job to carry over onto the next day.

    This is especially not ideal for companies who have other important tasks to tend to and is unfair on employees who are pressured to get the laborious job done as soon as possible.

    Kennards has the time-saving solution for large areas in need of concrete cleaning, with the ride-on shotblaster stripping, cleaning and profiling the surface simultaneously.

    The shot blaster can remove paint, rust and mill scale from steel, as well as paint and pavement markings from asphalt.

    It's also ideal for work in parking garages, warehouse and industrial plant floors, airport runways, bridge and highway work, and more.

    You can also expect a wonderful finish, with the shotblaster leaving the surface dry and free of chemicals.

    Business development manager of The Superseal Group Kevin Camer said that the ride-on shot blaster was easy to operate and "far less tiring".

    "To minimise disruption at the plant, we set a tight schedule. The ride-on shot blaster got through the job quickly. It has a larger track than the walk-behind, self-propelled model, so productivity is much higher," Mr Camer said.

    "One of the best things about it is that it cleans as it goes. The lead pellets, along with the concrete residue, are vacuumed back into the machine in the one process."

    Visit your local Kennards Hire branch to complete your concrete cleaning duties in ample time.

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    Nathan Mills
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