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    Rising to the challenge of multi-storey construction

    Published on 20 July 2017, Thursday, 5:03 PM

    Once the scaffolding had been removed from a new apartment complex in the Melbourne bayside suburb of Frankston, builder Steller Concepts hired two, 34’ RT boom lifts and two scissor lifts from Kennards Hire Frankston to complete the finishing touches to the exterior of the development.

    “The ground was quite muddy from recent rain, so we hired all terrain boom and scissor lifts to access hard to reach areas and complete the last of the cladding, install awnings as well as some painting,” explained Steller Concepts Project Manager, Andrew Gillespie.

    “The scissor lifts and boom lifts are simple to operate and manoeuvred around the site very easily, which added to efficiency and safety. They were also used by the roofers to fix the last of the flashings and tile edging on some of the balconies.”

    The 34’ boom lift features 4 wheel drive and oscillating steer axle for improved performance on rough terrain. The articulated boom function provides increased outreach at height and allows fast operation from ground to full height.

    Steller Concepts is a Development and Construction Company that builds multi-level residential townhouses, through to large 72 unit developments throughout the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The four storey development comprises of a ground level car park and 31, one and two bedroom units.

    In addition to the boom and scissor lifts, Kennards Hire also supplied diesel fired infrared heaters.

    “The heaters were used to dry rain effected balconies and evaporate any moisture so the tilers could lay their waterproof membrane coatings,” Andrew said. “We also used them inside to lift the temperature of an entire level to encourage drying of enamel and plaster work to avoid any delays and help keep the project moving along.”

    Andrew has hired a range of equipment from Kennards Hire on various projects. He says one of the main benefits of hiring is you don’t have the cost of buying equipment you may not use regularly.

    “The option to off-hire equipment is a massive convenience,” said Andrew. “It means we can have equipment readily available on site as opposed to returning it, then re-hiring it a few days later.

    “It’s this flexibility that makes Kennards Hire great to deal with and helps our projects run smoothly,” he added.

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    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.