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    Road signs for safety in heavy rain

    Published on 23 January 2019, Wednesday, 1:03 AM

    Traffic safety has been a major concern in New South Wales in recent days as the state continues to reel from the impact of heavy rainfall throughout much of the week.

    While skies are clear in Sydney this morning (April 20) and the NSW State Emergency Services say the worst is over for the harbour city, spilling that commenced this morning at the Warragamba Dam and floodwater in the Upper Nepean river could result in minor flooding later in the day and overnight.

    The news is the latest development in a series of strong winds and flash floods that have affected coastal regions of NSW and the Sydney metropolitan area over the past few days.

    Earlier in the week, NSW Police urged motorists to take care in wet conditions and to be aware of the dangers of flooded roads.

    The police urged drivers to avoid entering floodwaters or crossing flooded causeways at all costs, due to the risks of encountering hidden debris and other dangers.

    In extreme weather conditions such as heavy rainfall and flooding, local authorities and emergency services workers need to act quickly to identify any dangers and set up traffic signs marking detours if a road becomes unsafe to travel on.

    Fortunately, Kennards has an extensive range of traffic management equipment that can help local councils manage and communicate road conditions in bad weather, including barricades, message boards and signs.

    Hiring this type of equipment has several advantages - councils don't need to worry about long-term storage or maintenance costs and only pay for the items they need as and when they are required.

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