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    Selling your home? Know the importance of street appeal

    Published on 9 April 2013, Tuesday, 5:29 AM

    If you are selling your home and want to maximise your chance of a good sale, it is important to understand the value of street appeal.

    Street appeal is basically the first impression that your home offers to prospective buyers. This can encompass everything from the exterior paintwork to the garden and mailboxes and fences.

    Here are two tips for improving the street appeal of your home that might just come in handy come sale time.

    Refresh your garden

    A bit of garden DIY can go a long way when it comes to improving the value of your home.

    When undertaking garden landscaping in preparation for selling your home it is a good idea to consider your prospective buyer.

    If you are trying to appeal to families then you might like to install a swing set or jungle gym that will highlight the value of your home in terms of raising young children.

    Patch up your paintwork

    A new coat of paint on the outside of your house can work wonders for street appeal and significantly boost the value of your property.

    Before you start painting however, it is a good idea to patch up any defects or flaws. Simply slopping some paint over cracks or dents will not cover them up - in fact, it can often make them more prominent.

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    Nathan Mills
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