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    Should you buy or hire cordless power tools?

    Published on 4 July 2017, Tuesday, 9:07 AM

    Kennards Hire has a huge range of cordless power tools available. The hire process is quick and easy, with over 140 branches across Australia and 18 in New Zealand you'll never have far to go to get your hands on top-of-the-line equipment.

    Cordless power tools are now being built to a standard higher than ever before. With a greater focus on power output and battery life, modern cordless equipment can compete with their wired counterparts in every aspect of their performance - with the added benefits of versatility and time efficiency.

    But should you buy or hire? As nice as it as to own your own tools, there are huge benefits to hiring cordless power tools.

    Why should you hire cordless power tools?

    There are some considerable benefits to hiring your power tools instead of outright purchasing them. Have you ever been on site and had a vital piece of equipment up and die on you? It can be a bit of a nightmare, but there's a fast and easy way to sort out a replacement.. Hiring the power tools you need from Kennards will have you back on the job in no time, so you can get the most out of your day.

    Hiring is also beneficial for those power tools you only need to use once in a blue moon. If you're not regularly using something, why buy it and lug it around with you if you can simply hire one on the day you'll be needing it?

    Power tool hire also allows you to trial pieces of equipment before you buy them. Hiring a power tool you have your eye on and trialing it on the job is much safer than taking a punt and forking out for something you've never used before.

    There's an additional risk in purchasing tools. While some brands are very reliable, many companies are constantly developing their products to be stronger and better. There's every chance that the product you purchase will soon be made obsolete by a more efficient replacement.

    Hiring allows you to bypass this annoyance and make sure you've got the best tools for every job. Finally, hiring power tools rather than buying will save you a lot of space. 

    Using cordless power tools gives you an unlimited range of movement.  If you need to get into small, difficult or just weird places, not being restricted by a cord makes the job so much easier. Removing your tether to a power outlet or generator will save you a good deal of time as well, as you won't need to move the generator or constantly change outlet. Being able to move freely and adapt easily results in higher productivity.

    Why should you use cordless over wired power tools?

    Cordless power tools also end up creating a safer work site. If you remove the extension cords and cables strewn about everywhere you'll find that even your clumsiest co-worker can't trip over what's not there. You'll also find there's nobody stepping on the slack in your cord, and no accidentally knocking your socket out of the wall. Increased productivity, yes, but also considerably decreased irritation and interruption.

    There are two significant reasons why a lot of tradies prefer traditional wired over cordless power tools. The first is batteries - many have a short life span and aren't heavy duty enough to survive the rigors of an actual work site. The second is all about the power output - wired power tools have traditionally been more powerful than cordless.

    Cordless circular sawKennards recommends Hilti cordless power tools due to their robust batteries and high power output.

    Hilti is Kennards' go-to for cordless power tool hire, and for good reason. The state-of-the-art lithium CPC batteries in Hilti's cordless power tools have been designed to hold a charge for far longer than competing batteries. They're built in a heavy-duty housing that would be difficult to break even if you were trying.

    Furthermore, they feature the same power output you'd get with wired tools. If that wasn't enough, every lithium CPC battery in Hilti's range features and LED display showing your battery life, so you'll never get caught out by a surprise dead battery again.

    Top cordless power tool equipment

    Kennards offers a huge range of cordless power tools from Hilti. With their amazing batteries and robust design these are some of the best tools on the market right now. Unfamiliar with Hilti's range? Here are a three of the most popular hires from Kennards.

    Cordless combihammer TE 30-A36

    Cordless combihammer / TE 30-A36

    Market leading combihammer for all of your concrete and masonry drilling needs. Features brushless motor for a high performance, Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) for smoother use, and Active Torque Control (ATC) to put safety first. Diameter range 4-28mm with 36v battery.

    Cordless circular saw SCM 22-A

    Cordless circular saw / SCM 22-A

    A great saw with unlimited applications. Features blade brake stops saw in less than half a second for maximum safety and built-in LED lamp to eliminate shadows over your cutting line. 22v battery.

    Cordless reciprocating saw WSR 36-A

    Cordless reciprocating saw / WSR 36-A

    Construction or demolition, you'll be a surgeon with this saw. Also featuring AVR, an ergonomic grip and 32mm stroke length. 36v battery.

    If you're in need of a quick solution, undertaking an oddly specific and difficult job, or just looking to try out some new equipment, get in touch or drop in to Kennards Hire today for your cordless power tool needs.

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