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    Spring garden jobs: Part 2 - Water saving tips for your garden

    Published on 25 January 2019, Friday, 5:56 AM

    Water saving is likely to be a key consideration for any keen gardener to keep in mind when planning the spring garden.

    If you have ambitious plans for your backyards this spring, you may want to incorporate some water saving initiatives into your garden DIY project.

    There are a number of water efficient strategies you can implement, to ensure that you minimise water use and maximise existing resources.

    Installing a well-designed irrigation system is an effective way to save water - having it on a timed setting will ensure you maximise its benefits. Switching it on in the evening will prevent any evaporation from the sun's heat - maximising water usage.

    Instead of grass why not consider more water efficient alternatives, such as rock, mulch, or paths - preventing any water wastage during wet periods.

    Weeding your garden regularly will mean that your valuable water is not being stolen by those pesky unwanted plants. Spraying a weed preventing solution around your garden will help in keeping them at bay.

    Another effective strategy is selecting climate appropriate plants for your garden which can aid in water efficiency. By choosing plants that require less water than those with a higher demand will ensure you maximise water savings. Place plants with similar watering needs in the same vicinity as one another.

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