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    Stay cool at your traffic job this summer

    Published on 16 April 2019, Tuesday, 5:32 AM

    Traffic workers who toil away on Australian roads over summer know all too well just how hot our climate can get. They often work long hours in the heat of the day, so it's especially important for them to remember to stay safe in the sun.

    The first rule of thumb is to set out traffic signs to warn oncoming vehicles of your position on the road. Once you have this basic safety measure covered, it's time to think about your health.

    It’s generally recommended that adults drink two litres of water a day, however when it's especially hot or you're doing physical work, you might find you need more.

    Avoid dehydration by having cool bottled water on site to help you get through the day. Freeze it overnight to ensure it stays chilled all day, or keep it in a thermos with some lemon slices for a burst of flavour.

    A good way to sneak more fluid into your diet is by eating foods dense in water. Watermelon, strawberries, lettuce and cucumber are all packed with H20, so add them to your lunch for a boost of hydration.

    Remember to top up your sunscreen frequently to ensure your skin isn't damaged by the harsh Aussie sun. Encourage your workmates to do the same and you'll have a safer workplace in no time.

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    Nathan Mills
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