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    Sun shades and shade cloth for backyard gardens

    Published on 23 January 2012, Monday, 3:45 AM

    Whether you are creating an outdoor entertaining area or want to make a shady space for your vegetable garden, you may want to consider installing shade sails or shade cloth.

    The Advertiser's Jon Lamb asserts that shade is at a premium in many newer suburbs, particularly when there are no established trees or where the homes have smaller gardens.

    But when planning to install shade cloth or shade sails in your garden, it is important to bear in mind that humans and plants have different requirements when it comes to sun exposure.

    Shade factor numbers, explains Lamb, are a good way to tell how much UV light will be blocked by the device. Generally shade sails block between 78 and 98 per cent of UV light, while shade cloth blocks between 30 and 90 per cent.

    This means that in simple terms, shade cloth is actually a better option for growing plants - although shade sails provide optimal protection for people - as it allows them to be exposed to ultraviolet light, which is essential for photosynthesis.

    For the best possible results, Lamb advises choosing shade cloth in black, white or green.

    Shade cloth can be purchased by the roll and is designed to stand the test of time - many manufacturers offer warranties of up to ten years.

    DIY garden enthusiasts will be keen to note that shade cloth is relatively easy to install and can be attached directly to other structures in your garden, such as the side of your house or a pergola.

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