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    The Building Commission reminds building owners of their responsibility

    Published on 30 November 2022, Wednesday, 1:41 AM

    Owners of buildings such as residential homes, nightclubs, commercial buildings, hospitals and industrial premises are being reminded by the Building Commission that it is their responsibility to maintain the safety of these structures.

    The Building Commission says that owners should 'visually check' their buildings for signs of deterioration and if they have any concerns, to arrange for professional assessment and maintenance.

    "It is absolutely vital that owners conduct regular visual inspections of their buildings for signs such as cracking, warping, or leaning," Building Commissioner Greg Hyams said.

    "Owners of commercial or industrial buildings have the additional responsibility of making sure all essential safety measures are in good working order, so that they will operate in the event of an emergency."

    These include exit signs, sprinkler systems, paths of travel to exits and emergency lights, Mr Hyams said.

    The building safety reminder comes after a wall collapse in Melbourne last month killed three people.

    "The Swanston Street tragedy emphasises the importance of ensuring all buildings, including free-standing walls and fences, are structurally sound and, if necessary, braced to make them safe and secure," Mr Hyams said.

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