Scissor lifts can sure be a handy piece of equipment to use, especially if you're working as an electrician or a warehouse stock person - where it may also be helpful in construction and tree maintenance applications.

Here are three uses for the scissor lift that help make work fast, safe and efficient.

Electrical maintenance

If a light goes out in a retail store, sometimes its too high for tradesman to reach by ladder, where then a scissor lift is required.

They can be handy for reaching wires and other electrical equipment in high, hard to reach spots, providing a more stable platform to perform maintenance duties - rather than being perched dangerously on a ladder!

Stocktake duties

Never miss a product or piece of equipment with the assistance of a scissor lift, helping you to reach the top shelf and account for everything on your list!

Painting and cleaning

If you need to clean or repaint the outside of a large house or industrial building, a scissor lift can help you to do it the safe way with a level platform, handlebars to keep you stable and enough room to comfortably move around.

Painting can sure eat up some time, so it's important that you're in a comfortable position to carry out the task.

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