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    Tips for installing a tile backsplash

    Published on 3 July 2014, Thursday, 5:46 AM

    Sure, a backsplash in your bathroom or kitchen can really make the room pop. But a backsplash is more than just a design feature to pretty up your home environment. It's also practical tool that will help prevent stains and water damage. Before you embark on a little bit of kitchen and bathroom DIY, you'll want to keep a couple of simple tips in mind to ensure the job's done right. 

    Check the wall

    Generally, mosaic tile can be placed on just about any solid and clean wall surface. But you'll still want to make sure that the wall is sound before starting the project - you wouldn't build a house on a swamp, after all. You want a wall that's solid and dry - if it's damp, the tile will seal in moisture when it's applied, causing rotting in the wood. And if the drywall is damaged, then it's not going to hold up for long once the work starts. 

    Be sure also that the wall is firm enough to handle the weight of the tile. 

    Plan and prepare

    Just like a general going to war, you'll want to have a battle plan before the fight starts. Make a decision about where exactly the backsplash will extend to in your wall. Then, you're ready for the preliminaries.

    First off, get all of the materials and tools that you'll need together. To make sure you have enough, it pays to double the measurements of the backsplash. Remove the wallpaper and sand away the dust, and place mosaic sheets on the wall to check the layout. 

    Safety first

    As with any DIY job, even renovating the bathroom, you want to make sure to practice proper safety precautions. Wear a pair of shatterproof glasses to protect against splinters and dust, and if you're going to use a tile saw, wear ear muffs to protect your hearing. Also make sure to shut off electricity for any nearby outlets or switches if you're going to remove their cover plates.

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