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    Top five tips for busy tradies' lunches

    Published on 18 January 2019, Friday, 6:05 AM

    Whether you are a builder who spends the whole day out at a remote site or a plumber constantly on the move, all tradies need a decent lunch to satisfy the appetite that comes from a long morning on the job - and provide an energy boost for the afternoon.

    If you are just starting out as a tradie - or perhaps you are looking for ways to improve your daily eating habits - here are five tips that might help you to be as prepared and well nourished as possible.

    Healthy choices

    Firstly you should make an effort to be as health-conscious as you can when filling up your trolley at the supermarket.

    Long days and manual labour require a strong mind and body, so by concentrating on keeping the nutritional value of your meals high, you might discover that an extra energy boost helps you stay focused and get the job done right.

    Fruit, vegetables, rice, lean meats and as always plenty of water should all form a significant part of your weekly shopping run.

    Practical lunches on the run

    Just as important as a low calorie count is practicality - busy tradies often don't have the time or the means to create complicated lunches.

    Even if you happen to be renovating a kitchen, you are hardly going to fire up the stove top and start simmering a gourmet sauce to add to the pasta you have on the boil.

    And of course you would be lucky to have access to a microwave, so it is best to leave last night's left-overs in the fridge at home unless you are happy to eat the dish cold.

    A few good ideas include chicken, cheese and lettuce rolls, home-made wraps, gourmet Greek salads and small tubs of yogurt, which you can either hold in one hand and munch on the move or tuck into with a plastic fork.

    Buy in bulk

    Tip number three is to buy in bulk, since we all know this is best way to save money and keep the weekly eating plan simple.

    With enough ingredients to make sandwiches or rolls for a few days, you will also find it much less stressful deciding what to take to work the next day.

    Keep it fresh

    A fourth handy - yet somehow often ignored piece of advice - is to buy yourself a quality cooler bag or insulated lunch pack that keeps your food fresh. There is nothing worse than sitting down to a lukewarm and soggy sandwich that has gradually deteriorated in the heat all day.

    Super snacks

    Finally, never underestimate the value of well-chosen snacks. When things get really busy or the boss needs you to assist with some emergency maintenance, you will be certainly be thankful for that apple, bag of almonds or tin of tuna that only takes a few minutes to consume.

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