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    Top house painting trends for winter

    Published on 18 June 2014, Wednesday, 6:03 AM

    If you are looking to do some DIY renovations around your home, chances are house painting will be on your list of tasks.

    Here is a guide to help you remain on trend this season.

    Seashore colours

    According to Style at Home, all the shades of the sea are going to be popular this season. Paint companies have interpreted this palette liberally, including everything from mint green to bright turquoise.

    It is not only the colours of the water that are popular, but also shades of sand as well as muddy colours to boot.

    "Greens with a jewel or mint tone, such as Dulux Paint's 'Sea Isle' (10GG 57/307) green, will be popular in 2014, reflecting a feeling of renewed energy, vibrancy and optimism for better economic times ahead," Martin Tustin-Fuchs, brand manager for Dulux Paint told Style at Home.

    Other beachy inspired colours you are sure to see around this season include the hues of the sunset ranging from peach to bright oranges and reds.

    New neutrals

    It seems traditional whites, creams and beige tones may be a thing of the past with powder blues, greens, lilacs and pinks taking the place of neutral shades in today's palette.

    This can be adjusted to work in any environment, from a modern apartment loft to a cottage at the beach, and everything in between.

    Other options to consider include warmer beiges, such as honeys, latte and espresso tones providing a foil for brighter highlights.

    Accent colours

    Retro-inspired colours are proving to be popular accent choices, with bright reds, yellows, blues and greens all the rage.

    This provides a fun and colourful balance to those pretty pastels that have proven their staying power over the past few years.

    You could include these colours as bright feature walls or use them as cheerful accessories.

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