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    Traffic signs and how to use them

    Published on 29 February 2016, Monday, 4:16 AM

    Working on a construction site generally means you need to provide information to the public in order for them to conduct their day-to-day (hyphenate) business as safely as possible. Below we have a list of some of the road signs we hire and how to use them correctly and effectively.

    Arrow boards

    These are great feature for construction that is affecting road usage). If you are in any way blocking a lane, arrow boards can indicate to drivers that a lane is merging. The best part if you won't have to have one of your construction workers signalling to passers by, meaning they can help you with the job at hand.

    Variable message signs

    With the ability to be tailored to your needs, message signs are great for letting drivers know of any changes in the road ahead. Whether there are lane closures, an alteration of speed or a number of other differences enforced by construction, these signs are clear and eye-catching.


    Kennards also offers a number of signs such as men at work, detour, and road closure signs. These are rather self-explanatory and are great for providing easy-to-read traffic signage to the public in order to keep them informed. Pairing these with the electronic options above effectively will make your work as clear as possible.

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