If you're carrying out some DIY renovations at home, you might find yourself in need of some inspiration in readying the flooring.

Will you need to get busy floor sanding or will you opt for a lush carpet instead?

Here are three ideas to get your floor design ideas flowing!

Painted floor

This DIY project will require some knowledge of how to sand a floor, as you'll be preparing the ground in the usual timber flooring fashion with one difference.

Instead of adding a rug to the area, why not paint one instead?

This is a popular interior trend, especially in offices and hallways, requiring the thorough removal of varnish on the wood surface, the floor then being sanded smooth and primed with an oil-based primer.

Unleash your creativity in this flooring project, opting for geometric patterns for an office or an elegant and sophisticated damask pattern as your house welcome mat.

Green flooring

More people are opting for eco-friendly initiatives when it comes to decorating their homes, and 'green flooring' has become one trend that definitely belongs in this movement!

Some materials that are being used are cork, which Green Home Guide describes as a renewable resource with good sound absorption, as well as bamboo which is "extremely durable" and "harder than red oak or maple".

These materials can both be used in family rooms and kitchens, with bamboo flooring also great in bedrooms, dining rooms and entryways.