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    What do you need for a rail welding job?

    Published on 27 August 2015, Thursday, 9:20 PM

    Ever since the dawn of the industrial age, welding has been an essential part of industry. We use the process to create massive stretches of railroad, skyscrapers, gantries and colossal ships.

    Welding equipment is often expensive, however, and this is when it pays to take out the right gear from a hiring company. We've got you covered.

    Here are a few pieces of welding equipment that are perfect for all types of rail job.

    Frame aligners

    These are aluminothermic welders that can ensure reliable welding, regardless of the rail type. For example, they're useful for grooved rails (tramways) and crane rails. It's also no problem to lift and move rails horizontally, and move the equipment when necessary.

    Welder - Rail kit

    This tool produces molten steel through a reaction of iron oxide and aluminium, and it's cast a temperature exceeding 1920C. Once the oxide and aluminium has been melted down, it can be cast into refractory moulds that suit the rails needing to be welded.

    The One Shot Crucible is just one type of rail welding equipment, and it's tapped at the bottom so as molten steel flows into the mould, it fuses with the rail ends and forms the weld.

    Diesel welder

    For all other types of rail work on a work site, the diesel Shindaiwa welder is the best option. This is a 500AMP/DC diesel welder that weighs 613kg and can be easily transported on a truck. What's more, it's no trouble to move the welder into a tight location.

    Get in touch with Kennards Hire today to see our range of welding equipment and cable hauling gear to make rail work easy. There's no use going out onto a job without the right tools.

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