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    What type of lift should I use for my access job?

    Published on 17 April 2019, Wednesday, 4:46 AM

    If your upcoming project involves getting into tight corners or elevated spaces, you may want to consider hiring a lift to help with the job.

    While the experts at Kennards Hire can provide you with advice and assistance to help choose the right machinery for your task, take a look at this brief overview to get an idea of what will work best.

    Mobile hydraulic platform

    Mobile hydraulic platforms use economical petrol engines for power, and have a basket rotator and fly boom for a flexible work platform with extra reach.

    Its compact basket size and long reach makes this machine great for tree lopping, painting, signwriting, plumbing installation, factory maintenance and cleaning.

    It's a versatile piece of machinery and you can operate from the work basket or on the ground, so you can work it as a team or on your own. It has outriggers to help stabilise it, making it extra safe.

    Knuckle boom lift

    These lifts are reliable, versatile and provide a huge reach from a compact, lightweight base. A bi-energy feature means it can be used for extended periods in both indoor and outdoor settings, making it ideal for warehouse work.

    Telescopic upper booms make for accurate platform placements, making boom lift hire perfect for painting, sign work, tree lopping, cleaning, electrical work, maintenance, construction and installation.

    You can operate these lifts from the group or within the work basket.

    Scissor lift

    Scissor lifts have self-levelling hydraulic outriggers and extending decks that make them suitablefor any vertical jobs where you have a bit of space to move around. They can travel while elevated, making them perfect for a wide range of activities.

    Use these for construction work, painting, cleaning, installing overhead lighting and plumbing, maintenance, stocktaking, sign installation, work within the film and TV industry and any other tasks that are directly overhead.


    Manlifts are great for replacing lights, putting up signs, performing shopping centre and factory maintenance work, general warehouse jobs and any outdoor tasks you may have.

    These lights have a 345 degree rotation and full electric drive, along with proportional controls to enable smooth and progressive movements. They have a narrow turning radius so they're a great choice for jobs with require accessing small areas.

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