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    Who is responsible for roadside maintenance?

    Published on 20 February 2019, Wednesday, 7:58 PM

    Legislation was introduced to parliament May 29 to amend the Land Protection Act in order to clarify the roadside weed and pest control responsibilities of road managers.

    Minister for agriculture and food security Peter Walsh explained the difficulties these individuals have had in the past, saying "efforts to control roadside weeds and pests have been hampered by years of confusion among local councils and private landowners about who is responsible for control works on roadsides."

    He hopes that the legislation will make it clear that road managers are responsible for these areas, and has proposed funding to ensure that the job gets done.

    "The Coalition government is actively assisting rural and regional councils to meet these responsibilities with a funding program announced last year that will provide $2.6 million per annum, over three years, for roadside weed and pest control," he said.

    Roadside managers might find the need for safety precautions while undertaking these duties, and can talk to Kennards Hire about traffic and road signs that will alert motorists to their presence.

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