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Cleaning & Floor Care

Cleaning and floor care is a tricky job but Kennards Hire's extensive range of floor care and cleaning equipment including industrial size sweepers and scrubbers will have you get your flooring spick and span in no time.


Before there's any carpet to be cleaned, it needs to be expertly cut and laid. To help you get that nice, even finish Kennards Hire has carpet stretchers available, as well as staple guns to secure the job in place.

Electric stapling guns make quick work of carpets, and can speed up what is a pretty repetitive task.

For commercial grade carpet cleaning, whether you are moving out of your flat or deep-cleaning the office floor, Kennards Hire has carpet and fabric cleaners, as well as carpet shampoo machines for hire.

The Sammy floor stripper is ideal for lifting sticky carpet residue, as well as vinyl tiles, lino, malthoid, grease buildups and adhesives.

Concrete, brick and tile

Concrete grinders come in many different varieties, depending on what you need them for. If you are working on a wall and removing mortar, paint or minor imperfections, the hand-held concrete mower setup would work well for you.

For floors, both indoors and outdoors, there are other options available. Richmond concrete grinders are packed with features, such as a lift-up disc cover that allows the user to grind right up to walls and corners. The Richmond grinder also features a vacuum outlet connection and central water feed for dry or wet grinding. Great for removing paint, epoxy and adhesives.

For double the work, try the double head concrete grinder which is ideal for minor levelling out of large concrete floors, and getting rid of mortar, grout and some adhesives.

Floor polishers are available for really getting that floor to shine! They're suitable for many different surfaces, and easily adaptable to many jobs by simply changing the disposable floor pads.


There are several options for reducing the amount of elbow grease needed to prepare wooden floors.

A dust-reduced floor sander is well suited to both timber and parquetry floors, and will prepare the surface for clear finishing, or laying carpet or vinyl.

For fine finishing timber floors, or for use on parquetry or cork floors, an orbital sander is dust free and perfect for the job.

If you need to get into tight corners, we have floor edger sanders. These little guys are great for getting a consistent finish, all the way to the skirting boards, and are also suitable for decks and stairs.

A variety of sandpapers are in stock for all sanding machines.

Outdoors and Industrial

If you need to save some time and manpower when cleaning your industrial site or workshop, a petrol, manual or electric floor sweeper is what you need.

Kennards Hire floor sweepers are great for industrial applications, or outdoor use, and are faster than using a traditional broom.

Power brooms are great not only for cleaning flat roofs and floors alike, but for spreading liquids around as well. With a two-stroke petrol engine and a light 10kg weight, these brooms are very manoeuvrable and make quick work of big jobs.

Your local Kennards Hire has all of these great products and more in stock, so make sure to stop by and see what we have on offer. At Kennards Hire we believe in always having the right tool, when you need it, to get the job done!

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