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    A Step in the Right Direction With Hydrogen Power

    Published on 14 November 2023, Tuesday, 10:35 PM
    Case Study


    • Kennards Hire, Blue Diamond and A W Edwards use EODev’s GEH2® Electro-Hydrogen Generator at Transport for NSW’s Edmondson Park Commuter Car Park construction site.
    • The hydrogen power generator produces zero CO2, HC, NOx and fine particle emissions.


    Kennards Hire, Australia’s largest family-owned equipment hire company, has enabled a historic moment for the use of the EODEV GEH2® Electro-Hydrogen Generator. The moment marks a step in the right direction for the hire industry, and is celebrated alongside hydrogen technology company, Blue Diamond, and A W Edwards, award-winning construction company. 

    Producing zero CO2, HC, NOx and fine particle emissions, Blue Diamond’s GEH2® technology is being used at an A W Edwards construction site for Transport for NSW’s Edmondson Park Commuter Car Park project.

    The pioneering technology is manufactured by Ecodev in Paris, it replaces traditional fossil fuel-based generators with a zero-emission alternative for the mining and construction sectors. If the Hydrogen used is green, all the unit will emit is water and vapour and is completely quiet.

    Stuart Dean, Chief Operations Officer at Kennards Hire, says this moment marks an important step forward in cleaner technology options for the construction industry. 

    “Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we recognise the role we can play to deliver quality hire equipment that supports our customers’ sustainability objectives and contributes to a more environmentally efficient worksite,” said Dean. 

    “Beyond its environmental benefits, the adoption of hydrogen-powered solutions like the EODEV GEH2® Electro-Hydrogen Generator has the potential to help customers garner remarkable cost savings. With the properties of hydrogen promising an abundant and renewable resource, construction companies can expect a more stable and cost-effective energy supply compared to fluctuating diesel prices. This, in turn, translates to increased operational efficiency and a positive impact on the bottom line.”

    • Hydrogen Generator sitting at the Steggles plant
    Tanzin Authoi, Senior Sustainability Coordinator at A W Edwards, says Australia’s construction industry is gaining momentum with the adoption of clean power technologies to be on track with achieving the 2030 and 2050 climate objectives that Australia has committed to as a signatory of the Paris Agreement. 

    "One of the most remarkable advantages of the EODEV GEH2® Electro-Hydrogen Generator is its zero-diesel consumption. By moving away from traditional diesel generators, our projects can significantly reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, mitigating air pollution, noise pollution and other harmful chemicals related to diesel-handling, making it great for the environment,” said Authoi.  

    “A W Edwards is thrilled to be part of this moment in Australia’s construction industry towards a greener future. Deploying the EODEV GEH2® Electro-Hydrogen Generators aligns with A W Edwards's core values and emphasises on our commitment to implementing sustainable solutions across our business."

    Tristan Yuswak, Blue Diamond’s Group Technical Officer, said: “We’re proud to work with market leaders like Kennards Hire to push the industry forward and lead the clean power transition. We hope to encourage the adoption of hydrogen-based solutions on construction sites, such as the A W Edwards Edmondson Park site, to more of the industry’s leaders.”
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