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    Bringing Game-Changing Green Power To Construction Sites

    Published on 11 March 2022, Friday, 3:30 AM
    Case Study
    • Solar panels

    Interest and investment in renewable energy has been growing in Australia over recent years, and Kennards Hire is playing a role in delivering greener, more energy-efficient equipment.

    In partnership with Makinex Hybrid Power Systems, the installation of a HPS45 hybrid power system on regional construction site is just one way we are taking hire higher.

    The system ticks every commercial box for large-scale construction operations, especially those on remote project sites, or in locations without access to mains power.


    Cutting costs - and emissions

    Our customer, UGL, is responsible for connecting a major solar farm under construction at Uralla in regional NSW to the electricity network.

    The smart, sustainable, cost-effective and portable HPS45 is powering four site sheds (12m x 3m), a toilet block and a workshop in the switching area. The unit will also provide temporary power to the switchyard control building during construction and commissioning of the switchyard.

    The system has the following specifications:

    • Inverter/output 45kVA
    • Solar 7.2kWp (kilowatt peak)
    • Battery 63kWh (kilowatt hours)
    • Backup generator 45kVA
    • Fuel capacity 400L

    Within 28 days of operation, the benefits of the new system were clear.

    • 24/7 provision of power
    • 97% reduction in diesel generator run time
    • Fuel savings of $6,500
    • 12t reduction in CO2
    • The HPS45 is a truly intelligent package, comprising solar panels, battery storage and inverter, with diesel generator included as backup.


    Hybrid system gets thumbs up from UGL

    According to UGL Construction Manager, Darrell Van Bruchem, the HPS45 has proved a great success.

    “The hybrid system has significantly reduced running and refuelling costs, also giving us a more stable power supply for our fridges, laptops and other equipment. With the generator recharging the batteries, the system works at optimum performance.

    “It’s also given us control over noise pollution, which can be a big problem on sites like this. We can generate power during the day to reduce the impact on neighbours. I believe hybrid systems are definitely the way of the future.”


    The benefits of hybrid systems

    The hybrid power generation system offers plenty of upside.

    • Battery storage makes power available on cloudy days and overnight.
    • Reduction in diesel use reduces costs and harmful carbon emissions.
    • System is portable, easy to set up and use, requiring little maintenance.
    • Perfect for remote, off-grid areas where refuelling is an issue.
    • Reduces traffic to and from construction sites.
    • Generator designed to run at optimum performance.


    The way of the future for construction projects?

    Makinex National Channel Development Manager, Cameron Murrin, is struck by the increasing demand for renewable solutions across the private sector, quite independent of any government direction.

    “The private sector is setting its own net zero goals, following its own path to a renewable future. Working closely with Kennards Hire, we’re providing the sustainable solutions they need," he said.

    “Our hybrid power systems give companies the flexibility to embrace green energy while still accessing 24-hour power at a cost-effective price.

    “The beauty of the HPS45? You can drop them on-site, unfold the solar panels, turn on and it’s ready to go. They can stay a couple of weeks or a couple of years, only needing minimal management. And diesel generation only kicks in when the renewable energy has been completely used up.”


    New products in the renewables pipeline

    Nothing stands still in this fast-evolving renewable sector.

    Makinex has its eye on innovation, with two new products in the pipeline. As Cameron says, there’s always a way to optimise and improve your offering.

    “We’re developing a range of battery boxes, or portable power boxes in different sizes. We’re also designing a solar array to sit on top of the existing site container, which will use vertical space fully and mean no extra site footprint is needed.”


    The power of partnership

    Kennards Hire and Makinex have worked together for many years. Both excited by the ongoing possibilities of collaboration on a number of sustainable fronts.

    Cameron explains, “We’ve spent a lot of time working with Kennards Hire on this solution, and other green products, and we’re in for the long haul. We always welcome feedback on what hire customers are asking for, as it helps us to develop the right products for the end user and hire industry.”

    Darrell says UGL plans to use hybrid systems in a Snowy Hydro 2.0 project, later in the year.

    “We regard Makinex as high-end providers in terms of hybrid power generation, and look forward to leasing their units again through Kennards Hire.”

    With hybrid power systems suitable for the most cost-driven companies, the future of our partnership looks bright!