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    Site Solutions

    Minimise downtime and maintain productivity at any stage of your project during shutdowns and turnarounds.

    Unrivalled Service

    We have the complete range of site equipment for your project including ground cover, site accommodation, weather protection and more. 

    Equally important is our dedicated focus on safety compliance and quality control as a key focus on your project site. All our equipment complies with state and national regulations, is serviced after every hire, backed by 24/7 support and we take the time to understand what you need — pre-loading all the equipment so it’s ready for you, when you need it.

    Talk to Your Site Solutions Expert Today

    Whether they be planned or unexpected shutdowns, our agile team of experienced site solutions experts will engage and advise at the early stage of shutdown planning and specifications, right through to equipment delivery and personnel on-site if required.

    With our expert service, you can improve your safety compliance, quality control and accountability while still having round-the-clock access to equipment and our experienced personnel.

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