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There's nothing better than fresh-laid concrete.  It’s like a blank canvas waiting for a design, from a stylish exposed aggregate concrete floor or as a simple base for a floor covering. And as much as there are variations in the way you lay your concrete, there are as many tools and processes needed to get the job done right. At Kennards Hire we have a tool for every stage of the job. 

Working with concrete is a common occurrence for people in cleaning, construction and general maintenance fields, so it is important to undertake projects in a safe and productive a manner.

Whether it’s removing, refinishing or repairing existing concrete or laying and polishing a new concrete floor, we stock all the leading brands of equipment, so you can rest assured that when it comes to reliability and performance there is no better place to turn to than Kennards Hire. We also hire & sell an extensive range of diamond consumables and accessories to ensure the correct selection for your application.

Mixing and Pouring

Mixing concrete with a spade and a wheelbarrow is hard work, even for small DIY jobs. That's why Kennards Hire has concrete mixers in both 2 cubic feet and 3 cubic feet capacities, and power options to suit your application.

Available in both petrol and electric models, you'll be able to effectively use one of our mixers at home, or literally on the road. We even have a mixer that doubles as a wheelbarrow, this allows you to mix your concrete then simply unplug the mixer and walk it over to where it needs to be placed & tip it, designed to really make the job as easy as possible.

Laying concrete

If you're levelling out a sand base to put down pavers, or evening out some freshly poured concrete, we have everything from concrete screeds through to laser levels to get the job done right.

Whether it's a big job, or you don't like the sound of too much manual labour, hiring a concrete trowelling machine may be the way to go. This will help you save time and money, as well as get a smooth, professional finish across your new slab.

To ensure you don't have air pockets marring your perfectly-poured finish, a portable concrete vibrator will get the air out of that wet concrete for you quickly & easily.

With a 25mm unit available in either petrol or electric, as well as a petrol-powered 44mm unit, we've got all the options covered. Light and hand-operated, these machines are easy to use, and stopping and starting isn't a problem for those awkward jobs.

If you need the ultimate in flexibility, a concrete vibrator shaft in either 38mm or 57mm diameter and up to 6 mtrs in length will enhance your reach and even take you around corners.

Use with a flexdrive motor, and your concrete vibrating needs will be well sorted. The concrete vibrator shafts can also be complemented by an additional 6m extension shaft for deep holes.

Breaking and shaping concrete

Whether you're fixing up the fresh concrete someone walked through or restoring an old piece of work, there are power tools to help you get the job done, so put down that hammer and chisel!

Kennards Hire has a full complement of demolition and concrete saws from small units for home use, right through to massive 14" and 16" units for serious deconstruction work. We even have demolition saws mounted on trolleys, that can cut quickly and precisely, or can be removed and used by hand for free-hand destruction.

Floor cut saws are ideal for prepping for demolition, or for cutting expansion joints, cutting out areas for repair, and more, so of course we stock those too!

For getting that ultimate smooth finish, we offer grinders, planers and mowers that will get that patio looking ship shape.

We have easy-to-use concrete grinders and planers that will make quick work of concrete surface preparation, whether for painting, epoxy, or line & glue removal.

Concrete renovators and mowers are small hand-held tools that will easily strip surfaces of plaster, tiling adhesive, paint, resins, epoxy and more.

If you're actually looking to rough your concrete up a bit to help bonding of an applied finish, or to remove something like solid plaster, we carry a wide range of equipment from air scabblers through to shotblasters to create the ideal surface adhesion.

Kennards Hire has all of these concrete-related tools and more available for hire. Make sure to stop into your local Kennards Hire branch to hear more about our great rates and the expansive range of tools available. You can also visit one of our 8 specialist Kennards Hire Concrete Care branches that hire bigger and more specialised equipment for larger concrete jobs.



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