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    Important Notice

    The information displayed on and referred to in the Kennards Hire website has been produced for your convenience and with the intention of assisting you with any enquires you may have about our goods and services. We encourage you to utilise the information provided on this website but please note the following:

    Kennards Hire has taken all reasonable care to produce information that is accurate, however, we cannot guarantee that it is free from errors, omissions or is suitable for your intended use.

    Kennards Hire recommends that before you act on any information on this site you seek independent advice as we shall not be responsible for loss, damage, cost or expense (whether direct or indirect) incurred by you as a result of any error, omission or misrepresentation in any information on this site. You may download the information provided on this web site for your own personal use or in order to inform others about it, but you may not reproduce or modify the information contained on, or referred to in, this web site without written express permission by Kennards Hire.


    Equipment Availability

    Reservations that require payment are considered confirmed bookings. Any reservations that are ‘Confirmation Required’ will be followed up with a call or email (depending on your preferred contact method). At this point, the branch will manage the Hire – if you have not received confirmation prior to your hire, the equipment may not be available when you arrive, so it is advised you contact your hiring branch.


    Website Images & Products

    Images are taken to portray the equipment in application or the latest purchased model. Often equipment images may include more than one equipment item to display its correct use on the job. In some instances, items in the photo mayb be included or charge separately.

    Also note, Makes and Models of equipment may vary from the image portrayed. The application of the equipment will remain the same where specifications are based on the latest stocked model at Kennards Hire.


    Price Differences

    Kennards Hire has created an end to end hiring system. All prices quoted Online are reflected in store at your local branch. Prices deemed Price on Application (P.O.A) are quoted by the branch based on duration of hire, time of use, type of application and other factors that determine the use of the equipment. P.O.A reservations will be followed up by your nearest branch via your preferred contact method.

    Kennards Hire prices are updated on a regular basis to ensure we remain competitive and always offer you the best possible price.



    Our charges for delivery and pick-up vary depending on the transport requirements of the item hired, your distance from the nearest branch and the time of delivery. Any delivery amount displayed is ‘one-way’ and for one load only. If multiple vehicles are required our branch will contact you prior to confirm so there are no hidden or unexpected costs to you. We do have a minimum hire period of 1 day on deliveries, four hours isn't quite long enough for our drivers to reasonably turn around and get back out to you.

    Our deliveries are normally made during trading hours, Monday till Saturday afternoon. However, if you need a delivery outside of these times please see our Special Deliveries section.

    Our drivers are our family and making sure they get home to their family safe each day is our priority. We ask you to ensure there is a safe area for our driver to unload, demonstrate the equipment and complete the paperwork.

    For bookings made through the website, we generally aim to deliver within a 2 hour window based on the expected start time set on the booking.


    Special Deliveries

    Sometimes, deliveries need to be quoted and do not fit into a normal ‘scenario’. These may include:

    • After-hours deliveries
    • Deliveries on a Sunday
    • Delivery outside our standard delivery distance (25kms for metro, 50kms for regional and specialist branches)
    • Special/large equipment delivery

    Don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything other than continue to place your online booking. You will be automatically asked to complete a ‘Hire Request’. Once received, our branch will call or email you and provide you with a quote either as soon as the branch receives the order or the next day if you book after hours.

    If you are still unsure, please contact your branch or call 135 135 in Australia and 0800 470 370 in New Zealand.


    Requesting a Pick-Up

    Our equipment remains on hire, and therefore chargeable, until it is off hired and a valid Customer Pick Up number issued. To "off hire" equipment please call your hiring branch (or 135 135 AUS / 0800 470 370 NZ) and make sure you obtain a Customer Pick Up number. This will immediately stop the billing and issue the pick-up request.

    We aim to complete pick up within a few hours of "off hire", however this is not always possible. We will inform you of estimated pick up date/time.

    You must return the equipment to us when due back at your expense unless you obtain a Customer Pick Up number- see our Hire Contract Conditions.

    Ensure all the below conditions are met to avoid any extra charge. We also request you speak to our staff if you have any concerns regarding the safe pickup of our equipment before the equipment is off hired.

    At the time of "off hire", the use of the equipment must have ceased.

    Please always ensure there is a safe area for our driver to load the equipment and complete the paperwork.

    If our equipment required assembly (e.g. scaffold, temporary fencing etc.) after delivery, it should be disassembled ready for transport when our driver arrives for pick up or hire continues.

    Our vehicles will need to have access and egress for any equipment that needs to be loaded by lifting devices and tilt trays.

    Equipment to be grouped together where it was dropped off, if there are any special circumstances please inform our staff when you call them for off hiring.