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    BBQ the Right Way With Kennards Hire

    Published on 16 August 2016, Tuesday, 12:41 AM
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    Firing up the BBQ and putting together a delicious meal is an Australian way of life. At Kennards Hire, we make it even easier to fry, bake, roast and grill your favourite cuts of meat or combinations of vegetables with our range of outdoor entertainment supplies.

    From BBQs big enough to cook for an army to marquees that will protect you from the tropical weather while still enjoying the great outdoors, we've got it all. For your next big outdoor event, having the best equipment available could make it even more of a success.

    Why is the BBQ such an important Aussie tradition?

    Australians love to grill their food on a BBQ, especially for parties and small gatherings at home or the park. Whether it's slow-cooked meat at low heat or a quick-fire blanche of the vegetables on a hot grill, there's nothing better than to slap some barbecued food between some fresh bread and eat with friends. Especially if it's a public holiday!

    • The best kind of BBQ is one with friends and family.

    To get the best out of your BBQ fare, having a quality cooker is vital. The standard BBQ from Kennards Hire is a great option for small household celebrations. If you're expecting a bigger turnout, then you'll probably need more grills. For that, a trailer BBQ will be the best option, as you can cook on three hot plates simultaneously.

    If you're getting really fancy, then a spit BBQ could come in handy. With all of the gourmet cooking shows on television now, we don't blame you!

    "What we cook on a BBQ compared to five or 10 years ago has changed dramatically," stated Hal Linstrom, general manager of BeefEater Barbecues in an ABC News report from August 2013.

    "What we cook on a BBQ compared to five or 10 years ago has changed dramatically."

    "Then it was chops, steaks and snags, [and] now there's an upset if we don't have spicy sausages from a Croatian butcher. All manner of things are being cooked."

    Making the most of the great outdoors

    Australia is an excellent place to turn on the BBQ, stand around with a wine or beer and have a great chat with close friends and family - no matter the weather.

    That's why we provide some of the best products for throwing a great party, like the large marquee. Set it up and the tropical rain won't ruin your get-together.

    Get in touch with Kennards Hire today to chat about the best BBQ option for your next party.

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