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    How to Connect a Trailer

    Published on 4 October 2021, Monday, 6:45 PM

    In this how-to guide we’re going to run through attaching and un-attaching the trailer from your vehicle.

    Most important thing to do at the start is once you’ve properly aligned the trailer to the tow ball on your vehicle is to attach it properly to the tow ball. Open your hitch up by pulling the hitch up, lower your jockey wheel down until you get a really good weight on the ball and then secure that with the provided linchpin. Once that’s done, you can swing your jockey wheel up out of the way and secure it for transport.

    Some trailers have two chains, some trailers have one. Whatever the case, make sure that they're attached well with your shackle to make sure that it's safe for transport and well off the ground. Another very important thing is your lights; always double check that the trailer brake and turning lights are functional once you connect your trailer lead.  If you don’t have a trailer lead, that’s okay.  Kennards Hire can supply you one.

    The trailer brake is important to have on when you're loading and unloading. However, when you want to travel you want to release the trailer brake and activate the anti-reverse clip so that the trailer brakes don’t compress while you’re reversing.

    Once you’ve connected the trailer, simply do a double check that your lights are functional, the brake is released properly stowed.  Other than that, you’re good to go!

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