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    How to Replace a Chain on a Chain Saw

    Published on 28 August 2017, Monday, 7:45 PM

    When you get a chainsaw from Kennards Hire, we always fit a brand-new chain, within the service kit, you get the new chain and the tools required to do it. Through your hire, just through normal wear and tear, you may need to replace the chain. It is an easy job and it takes a couple of minutes.  Here’s a step by step procedure on how to do this.

    When replacing the chain, always have the machine off and cooled down. The other thing to make sure is that your chain brake is off as it makes the whole job a lot easier. If you've just finished cutting, your chain will be hot so wear some gloves if this is the case.

    First job is just to loosen off the two bolts, which clamps the bar on then in between the bolts loosen the little adjuster.  The belly of the chain will then start to hang down. You need it loosened just enough so you can clear the chain.  Then it's simply a matter of totally removing the bar from the motor.

    Making sure you put the new chain on in the right direction is probably the most important step in the process. The easiest way to do it is just first of all install your chain onto the bar and then basically check that the cutting blades are pointing away from you whilst you are holding the saw.

    Next, fit the blade back on to the saw. Put the bar over the adjuster nuts and once it’s on, you need to set the adjuster back into place. Once you're happy that’s on there, you can even just give it a little spin to make sure.

    Put the cover on, adjust the bolts back up, and tighten the adjuster so the chain comes up to meet the bar. Tighten it up until the belly the chain disappears and you hear that snap back into place. You can check that it’s properly installed by still being able to flick the chain and move the chain with some resistance.

    Before using the chainsaw with the new chain, double check the direction of the chain is correct and remember with the new chain after a few minutes of cutting may settle in and stretch when it gets hot, so you may just have to run through the adjustment procedure again. 

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