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    How to Use a Carpet Shampoo Machine

    Published on 23 November 2021, Tuesday, 7:51 AM

    Cleaning carpets not only makes them look better, it extends their life as grit and other miniscule debris trapped among the fibres can damage carpet over time.

    Kennards Hire offers carpet shampoo machines with powerful spray extraction designed for deep cleaning of carpets, upholstery and textile flooring.

    If you have any questions about our equipment or need advice on the best equipment to use, the team at your local Kennards Hire branch will be able to help you.


    Handy tip: Move furniture into another room so you can give the carpet a thorough clean everywhere.

    First attach the suction hose to the machine. This is how the dirty water gets back into the unit to collect in the sealed tank. Below the suction hose inlet is the injection hose which feeds the cleaning solution to the nozzle. The big suction hose just pushes on, while the smaller injection hose clicks firmly into place.

    Attach the other end of the suction hose and injection hose to the carpet wand. If you're cleaning furniture, attach them to the upholstery tool, which is easier to handle for doing chairs and sofas.

    Most machines have two switches, one for suction and one for spraying. To clean the carpets, both of these need to be on.

    However, there are times when you might only want suction – such as when you are trying to remove clean water from the carpet after a spill.

    Dissolve the supplied cleaning solution in water and add that to the clean water tank. Once the cleaning solution is added, fill the tank up with fresh water, either cold or warm – but not hot!

    Don’t go higher than the maximum level mark inside the tank.

    Step 1 - Preparing the carpet shampoo machine

    Start cleaning the carpet at the furthest corner from the door and work backwards. Pull the trigger on the handle to start, then drag the nozzle back over the carpet. If you have a very dirty spot you can move the nozzle back and forth several times across that area.

    As the nozzle sprays out the cleaning solution, the suction on the big hose pulls the now dirty water back into the machine. The dirty water collects into the separate sealed tank.

    If the carpet is really dirty, turn off the suction button on the machine and spray cleaning solution over the carpet without suction.

    Wait for five minutes to allow the solution to soak in. Then turn on the suction button again and clean the carpet as normal.

    Step 2 - Begin cleaning the carpet

    Handy tip: If you are shampooing your carpet to remove stains after flooding or a major water leak, you can hire a dryer blower and humidifier to speed up the drying process.

    Carpets can take a few hours to dry, so be careful not to walk on them until they are. You can hire a dehumidifier or a blower dryer if you want the carpet to dry more quickly on cold or wet days.
    Using a carpet shampoo machine means you give your carpet a deep down clean. And remember that the team at your Kennards Hire branch can answer any questions you might have about shampooing carpets and other DIY projects.

    Step 3 - Let it dry completely