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    Boost Efficiency on The Job with Access Equipment Hire

    Working at heights requires reliable and efficient access equipment to enhance the productivity of your operations, and to ensure the safety of your team. At Kennards Hire Australia, we provide a vast range of high-quality access hire solutions, tailored to meet your specific needs.

    Our extensive selection of access equipment includes everything from telescopic booms and cherry pickers to electric scissor lifts , knuckle booms, and spider lifts. Whether you need to navigate challenging terrains or reach remarkable heights, we've got you covered. With Kennards Hire Australia, hiring access equipment guarantees quality performance and operational efficiency.

    Access equipment hire products include:

    • Scissor lifts come in sizes up to 12.2 metres for both diesel and electric variants. For those requiring more height, we also offer a 13.1-metre diesel option.
    • For elevated work requirements, we offer mobile hydraulic platforms in 12-metre and 15-metre options.
    • With manlifts, available for hire up to 9.1 metres, you can easily reach new heights.
    • Boom lifts are available for hire up to an impressive 18 metres, perfect for jobs that demand greater reach.


    Productivity and Safety with Kennards Hire

    Choosing to hire access equipment is a smart business decision. It saves you from the substantial upfront cost of purchasing new equipment. It also gives you access to the latest technology and high-quality machinery without worrying about maintenance or storage costs.

    Our dedicated team is always ready to assist with access equipment hire in Australia. We can guide you in choosing the most suitable access equipment for your project, be it scissor lift hire, specialised hire, or any other equipment.

    At Kennards Hire Australia, we are specialists in access equipment hire. Our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction ensures you get the most out of your hire experience, whether you're in the construction industry or working on home projects. Contact us today to discuss your access hire needs.