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    Master the Mix with all your Mixing, Pumping Spraying Needs

    At Kennards Hire Australia, our comprehensive range of high-quality concrete mixer and grout pump hire equipment is specifically designed to cater to various applications, to ensure you have the right tools to mix and apply cement, concrete, mortar, and grout efficiently and effectively.

    We offer a diverse selection of cement mixers, including electric cement mixers, petrol cement mixer designs, and portable cement mixers. Our mixers are designed for easy use and maintenance, providing a reliable solution that’s perfect for mixing cement, concrete, mortar, and other construction materials. 

    We provide smaller electric and petrol towable mixers, portable electric motor mixers, screed and epoxy mixing systems, mixer and grout pumps, mortar mixer stirrers and more.

    Renting cement mixers and grout pumps is ideal for all kinds of jobs, from constructing foundations and laying bricks, through to repairing concrete structures, or creating decorative finishes.

    Cement mixer and grout pump hire gives you access to dependable equipment when and where you need it, ensuring seamless operations and professional results. With multiple hire locations across Australia, Kennards Hire ensures the cement mixer or grout pump you require is readily available whenever you need it.


    Optimise Productivity with Cement Mixer & Pump Hire

    Whether you need a compact electric cement mixer for smaller projects or a robust petrol-powered mixer for more extensive construction work, when it comes to hiring quality cement concrete mixers, Kennards Hire Australia has you covered.

    With our vast selection of cement mixers and grout pumps for hire, you can rely on us to supply the perfect solution for all your mixing and application necessities. Our cement mixers and grout pumps are consistently well-maintained and designed to deliver reliable performance, guaranteeing a steady flow of mixed materials.

    Get in touch with Kennards Hire Australia today to discuss your cement mixer and grout pump rental needs and let us help you achieve professional results with our extensive range of equipment