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    Surface Preparation

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    Prepare Your Surfaces With the Right Equipment

    At Kennards Hire Australia, our comprehensive range of surface preparation tools are designed for everything from a complete overhaul to simple upkeep. Concrete and flooring might be made of durable materials, but even the most reliable materials need maintenance to withstand the wear of tear of daily use.

    We offer a wide range of surface preparation equipment, including:

    • Concrete mower: available in various sizes, from handheld to single head petrol mowers.
    • Concrete grinder: concrete grinders can operate wet or dry to prepare, maintain, and polish concrete, natural stone, wood, and terrazzo.
    • Concrete renovator: a renovator rapidly removes resins, adhesives, pain and more, if you want to rejuvenate concrete flooring, walls or bricks.
    • Shotblaster: from push and self-propelled to ride on, we have a range of shotblasters to choose from.
    • Dust containment tents: safety first, dust containment tents are a must to keep your air clean.

    Properly prepared surfaces pave the way for high-quality welds, better mechanical bonding and adhesion and reduce the risk of mechanical damage or corrosion later.


    Kennards Hire Australia Has Everything You Need

    Using reliable equipment is just as important to the job as the process. Whether you're tackling a major project or an easy DIY job, the right equipment is a must.

    Hiring surface preparation equipment allows you to use all the correct equipment without the initial cost that comes from making the purchase. Kennards Hire Australia is a reliable hiring service – we’ll ensure you’re getting equipment that is well maintained and efficient. There's no need to handle equipment checks or source replacement parts, Kennards Hire Australia does it all.

    If you're looking for surface preparation equipment hire, reach out to Kennards Hire to discuss your needs and get your equipment booked today.