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    Climbing Solutions for Any Job: Explore our Ladder Hire

    When you need to reach new heights, whether for a one-off task or a series of projects, Kennards Hire Australia has the ladder solution for you. Need to do some indoor painting or reach high shelves? Our single-sided step ladders are ideal. Have outdoor windows to clean or gutters to clear? Our diverse range of aluminium ladders includes everything from step ladders,  dual purpose ladders to adjustable height and multi-purpose ladders.

    Our clients are unique, so we provide an extensive range of ladders to cater to all your needs. Some of our popular hire options include:

    • Step ladders: Our compact folding ladders are the ideal choice when you need a reliable ladder that doesn't take up much space. These ladders, including our single sided step ladders and our aluminium double sided step ladder, are designed to fold down for easy storage and transportation.
    • Telescopic extension ladders: Our telescopic extension ladders provide the ultimate convenience for jobs requiring access to varying heights. These ladders can be adjusted to different lengths, making them versatile and suitable for various indoor and outdoor tasks.
    • Heavy-duty platform ladders: When stability and durability are crucial, our heavy-duty platform ladders deliver exceptional performance. With a secure standing area, these ladders are perfect for prolonged maintenance work, construction projects, or warehouse operations.

    Sizes range from our compact 1.2 metre folding ladders to our robust 10.8 metre telescopic extension ladders.


    Choose Kennards Hire Australia for Your Ladder Needs

    At Kennards Hire Australia, we pride ourselves on our high-quality, reliable ladders for every purpose. Our team can help you choose the perfect ladder for your requirements. Our ladder hire is convenient and cost-effective, whether you’re working on indoor repairs, outdoor maintenance, or major construction projects.

    There’s no more struggling with makeshift solutions! Whether you need a ladder for a day, a week, or longer, we have flexible hiring options to suit your needs. So don’t wait any longer. Discover the convenience and affordability of ladder hire at Kennards Hire Australia today.