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    Lifting and Handling Made Safe With The Right Equipment

    Lifting and handling materials safely is an important part of any worksite, and having the right equipment on hand to make the job safer is a no-brainer. From hand trollies and pallet trucks to material hoists, electric winches, and chain-blocks – Kennards Hire offers a wide range of lifting and material handling options. We can furnish you with hundreds of different options, depending on your needs.

    Lifting and materials handling equipment are utilised for the safe movement of goods and products for storage, control, or protection. It is commonly used for manufacturing and distribution to consumption and disposal. Forklifts are ideal for transporting loadsefficiently, while pallet jacks are suitable for smaller loads through smaller spaces.

    Hand trollies are necessary for moving stacks of boxes without the risk of lifting injuries, and glass lifting slings require minimal effort for a precarious job. Platform trollies transport loads of varying weight, depending on the one you choose.


    Lifting Equipment Hire, Kennards Hire Australia

    Hiring equipment is often more cost-effective than investing in large pieces of expensive equipment, particularly if you need several pieces of kit. It's easier to hire a forklift and any other lifting and handling materials you might need than it is to purchase and maintain your own. 

    Kennards Hire has plenty to choose from, and we complete regular safety checks and repairs so you can rely on our equipment, whether you need it for a few hours, a day, or a week.

    Whether you need forklifts, conveyors, or cable pulls, Kennards Hire has a wide range of options available. Our team can recommend which equipment is suitable for your project if you need guidance. We can even guide you to other equipment available for hire if you're looking for multiple pieces. We aim to provide customer service just as reliable as our equipment.