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    Chain Saws

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    Boost Your Power and Proficiency with Quality Chain Saws

    Whether you're clearing a plot of land, chopping firewood, or undertaking a construction project, having the right cutting tool in hand is crucial. Kennards Hire Australia has an extensive range of high-quality chain saws designed to meet your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

    Our chain saw collection includes various brands, styles, and sizes to cater to different applications. From lightweight models for small tasks to heavy-duty saws for more demanding jobs, we have you covered.

    Our primary chain saw products include:

    • Compact Chain Saws: Ideal for pruning, cutting firewood, or other light-duty tasks. These saws are lightweight, easy to handle, and designed for efficiency and comfort.
    • Mid-Size Chain Saws: Perfect for heavier tasks like felling small trees or cutting up large branches. These saws offer a balance of power and manoeuvrability to handle moderate cutting tasks easily.
    • Heavy-Duty Chain Saws: Designed for the toughest tasks, these saws can handle large trees and thick logs. They are strong, powerful, and built to deliver exceptional cutting performance.


    Efficient and Reliable: Kennards Chain Saw Hire

    Chain saw hire is a smart business decision, saving you the upfront cost of purchasing new equipment. Hiring also gives you access to a range of chain saws and accessories, without worrying about where you’re going to store it all. And there’s plenty of flexibility.

    At Kennards Hire, our experienced team can help you choose the right size and style of chainsaw for your project. Whether you need a small, easy-to-handle model, a mid-size saw, or a heavy-duty machine for big jobs, we have it all. And if you’re not sure how to rent a chainsaw, don't worry – use our chat feature or give us a call and we’ll help.

    At Kennards Hire Australia, chainsaw rental is our specialty. So, whether you're in construction or just doing a project at home, get in touch or make a booking online.