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    Revolutionise Your Hauling Experience with Trailers For Every Purpose

    At Kennards Hire Australia, our comprehensive range of trailers is specifically designed to cater to various applications to ensure you have the right equipment to transport your goods safely and efficiently. Whether you’re transporting your motorbike for a weekend away, hauling bulky goods items or you’re moving livestock between properties, our trailers are perfect for a multitude of transportation tasks.

    We offer a diverse range of trailers, including car trailers, furniture trailers, box trailers, caged trailers, and enclosed trailers. Our trailers come in different capacities to suit your specific needs, with everything from car trailers and furniture trailers, through to box trailers, caged trailers, enclosed trailers , tandem axle trailers and flat tops.

    With our easy-to-tow trailers, you can confidently transport your furniture or equipment. Our standard trailers come with a max load capacity suitable for moving various items, while our related products, like truck hire, further expand your options for larger-scale projects.

    Hiring a trailer from Kennards Hire Australia is budget-friendly and allows you to choose the most suitable equipment tailored to your specific needs to optimise productivity and safety during transit. To top it off, our commitment to quality ensures you have a secure and steady transportation experience.


    Effortless Trailer Rental Solutions with Kennards Hire

    Kennards Hire Australia is committed to providing you with the best trailer rental experience. Our expert team is always on hand to guide you through the selection process, ensuring you choose the right trailer for your project. 

    Our extensive network of hire locations makes it convenient for you to access our top-quality trailers and equipment. Choose from our range of trailers, including box trailer hire and trailers with cages, and experience a seamless rental process that caters to your specific needs.

    With our dedication to exceptional service, combined with our extensive range of trailers, you can rest assured you have the support and equipment necessary to successfully complete your transportation tasks.