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Project Overview

If you're ready to get rid of that big, unsightly tree on your property, your first thought might be to call someone and pay them to do it and take away all of the debris. However, there are certain scales of large tree removal projects that with the right gear and safety parameters, you could be able to handle. 

In this episode we'll cover the key steps you'll need to take in lopping a large tree using elevated access. If you have a smaller tree to lop, check out episode 1 here.


To successfully remove a large tree from your property, you'll need a range of tools.  The tools you'll need to use for any large lopping include:

Kennards Hire has the experience and know-how to help you with your next DIY project. For more information get in touch with your local branch today.

Step By Step

Step 1: Safety First!
Step 2: Position cherry picker
Step 3: Elevate the cherry picker, remove smaller branches
Step 4: Use a Pole Pruner to remove small, hard to reach branches
Step 5: Take down the Trunk
Step 6: Use a Log Splitter
Step 1: Safety First!
Prepare the work site to ensure nothing gets in the way of falling branches or flying debris. Cordon off an area with a piece of rope or some cones, advise family & neighbours they can't come up to you when any of the machines are on. Ensure you have the right safety gear well before commencing the job.
Step 2: Position cherry picker
Position the cherry picker under the tree so you can ascend safely and still reach out to cut branches off. Make sure the cherry picker is on solid ground, with the area as level as possible.
Step 3: Elevate the cherry picker, remove smaller branches
Once you're in the cage, hook the harness onto the frame so you're secured before elevating yourself. The cherry picker will move slowly, so there's no risk of you swinging around out of control. As you move up the tree in the cherry picker, you can remove branches using the small chainsaw.
Step 4: Use a Pole Pruner to remove small, hard to reach branches
Go back to ground level and swap the chainsaw for a pole pruner. This will give you more reach at the top of the tree so you can remove more of the smaller branches. Fewer branches means less impact on the ground when the tree falls.
Step 5: Take down the Trunk
Once you've removed the branches, you can cut through the trunk so the whole tree falls. To lop the tree, make a wedge cut in the trunk. The tree will fall in the direction of the wedge when you make a second hinge cut directly behind it. After the whole trunk is down, cut it into smaller, straight pieces with the large chainsaw so that the wood can be split. For the best cut, saw through 80 per cent of the wood, turn it over and finish the remaining 20 per cent from the other side.
Step 6: Use a Log Splitter
Load the square pieces of trunk into the log splitter using the lift mechanism. Position the logs directly under the hydraulic blade and watch as they split apart easily. Use the splitter to cut the wood in half and then in half again to each piece is a manageable size. A log splitter, like all the machinery in this video, should be operated by someone who knows how to use it.
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