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    Credit Account

    Make use of a 30 day account and save valuable time when picking up equipment.

    Manage your credit account online and:

    • Receive custom trade account rates
    • View and pay invoices
    • View current, upcoming and previous hires
    • Search for equipment and make online orders
    • Access your custom pricing online (if applicable)

    To setup a Credit Account, simply follow the steps in this link.

    Once you’re linked to a Credit Account, you just need to hire online as normal. The difference is at the end of the checkout you will have the option to ‘Book On Account’.

    To pay any outstanding invoices against your Credit Account, login to the Trade Portal and jump into the 'Outstanding Invoices' tab. Once there, select the invoices you wish to pay and follow the prompts.

    Administrator: Full control over the online Credit Account. Can manage users (add/delete users and assign any role). Includes permissions of the Reporting and Invoicing role

    Reporting and Invoicing: View account wide hire history and view/pay account wide invoices. Includes permissions of the Hiring role.

    Hiring: View individual hire history and hire bookings against the Credit Account.


    Note:These roles are only available for customers who have a Credit Account.

    For more information or if you're experiencing issues with inviting/assigning a team member, please phone 135 135, email us at or send an enquiry here.