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    Why I Use Kennards Hire: Deeb Awick From SMP Solutions

    Published on 26 June 2019, Wednesday, 10:47 AM
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    Deeb Awick from SMP Solutions tells us why he always comes back to Kennards Hire for support and equipment, no matter the job.

    I’ve been working in concreting for many years, which includes the last 12 months at SMP Solutions, who provides a range of services including project management, civil engineering and electrical and telecommunications infrastructure.

    For the concreting and asphalt work we do, we need to use a variety of equipment from rollers, mixers and generators to tippers and jackhammers.

    Why we hire rather than buy

    While the company does own some equipment, there is often multiple projects being delivered at the same time and we need extra machinery to get the work done.

    It works out better for us to hire what we need rather than buying as it is more cost effective.

    By hiring equipment, it also means that we can obtain the different machinery we need just for the time that we need it.

    Why Kennards Hire?

    We choose to hire from Kennards Hire in Artarmon on Sydney’s north side. As well as concrete tools, Artarmon rents out equipment for HVAC, earthmoving, materials handling and other works.

    I have been continuously using Kennards Hire for decades, as they have a great system, very reasonable prices and friendly service.

    One of the great things about Kennards Hire is the support you get. They are always available day or night to help you with any problems you are having onsite. Kennards is a reputable and prestigious brand so you know that the equipment you hire will work efficiently and is clean and well-maintained.

    How Kennards Hire helps us on site

    Kennards Hire has helped us with job solutions as we have had times when we’ve hired equipment to go on site however have had to cancel the job for some reason or another.

    They have always been very understanding in these situations, allowing us to reschedule the equipment hire, without charging us for the day as they know these things can happen. We believe that this approach is very important for our industry and ensure that we continue to hire from Kennards.

    How using Kennards Hire helps us grow our business

    In the work we do we have to be able to get the equipment we need as we need it, often at very short notice. This security is also important for us when we tender for jobs.

    With Kennards Hire, we always know equipment will be available, which enables us to take on extra jobs that come along, as well as helping with our cash flow through hiring rather than buying.

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    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.