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    Kennards Hire First-to-Market With Zero-Emission Hydrogen Power Generator

    Published on 1 August 2022, Monday, 1:30 AM
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    • Kennards Hire branded hydrogen power generator


    • Kennards Hire first-to-market with EODev’s GEH2® Electro-Hydrogen Generator.
    • Powered by Toyota’s latest generation hydrogen fuel cell, the GEH2® provides the hire and rental sector with a cleaner and quieter power solution.
    • The hydrogen power generator produces zero CO2, HC, NOx and fine particle emissions.

    Iconic Australian, family-owned equipment hire company, Kennards Hire, is accelerating the clean power transition for the hire and rental sector, by purchasing two new EODEV GEH2® Electro-Hydrogen Generators from leading distributor of off-grid power solutions and preferred supplier to Australia’s hire and rental sector, Blue Diamond Machinery.

    Kennards Hire is first-to-market in the Australian equipment hire industry with the EODEV GEH2® hydrogen power generator, which offers close to 80kW of zero-emission electricity, free of pollution, CO2 emissions, particulate matter and waste.

    The iconic equipment hire company has long been a leader in bringing innovative products and services to market proving that hiring is a strong component of the circular economy.

    This commitment continues with its pioneering investment in EODEV GEH2® hydrogen power generators, highlighting the potential of the hire and rental sector to lead the adoption of hydrogen and other clean power solutions.

    With 75 years in the hire and rental sector, Kennards Hire the largest family-owned and operated equipment hire companies in Australia and New Zealand, with more than 190 branches and sites.

    Kennards Hire, CEO, Bill Whitehouse said, “Customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we believe in walking the talk; delivering innovative, solutions-focused products that meet what our customers need.

    “With the increased focus on delivering sustainable options for the construction industry, the nature of hire is already considered a favourable decision for customers who want to ensure their projects are as green as possible.

    “Through Kennards Hire, equipment rental products such as the GEH2® hydrogen power generator are now becoming a more viable sustainable solutions option. Being the first in the Australian hire industry to offer an alternative, clean energy, zero-emissions solution for large-scale projects highlights how hire is an integral part of the circular economy.”

    With its nation-wide coverage and industry leading aftermarket support, Blue Diamond is delighted to supply Kennards Hire with the EODEV GEH2®’s, which will provide its customers with a zero-emission solution on the path to Net Zero 2050.

    Blue Diamond’s Net Zero Equipment offers a range of off-grid clean power solutions including hydrogen power generators, energy storage systems, solar light towers, and electric ATVs.

    Blue Diamond is the exclusive national distributor of EODev’s GEH2® Electro-Hydrogen Generator.

    Blue Diamond Director, Justin Pitts said, “Kennards Hire sees their market leadership in traditional construction power solutions as a way of leading the clean power transition.

    “When we discussed the GEH2® with their CEO, Bill Whitehouse and Head of Power, Brian Hardy at HIRE22, they loved the product and had already been looking into hydrogen powered generators as a potential offering for their rental fleet.”

    “I’m absolutely thrilled that one of our key existing customers in diesel power generation, is now the first company in Australia to purchase the GEH2® hydrogen power generator, proving that it’s the traditional players in the diesel generation space who can have the biggest impact.”

    “Hopefully theGEH2®’s are the first of many Blue Diamond clean power solutions Kennards Hire deploys as Australia’s clean power sector gains momentum.”

    The GEH2® Electro-Hydrogen Generator is powered by the Toyota’s latest generation fuel cell. As the world’s leading automaker, hybrid champion and hydrogen pioneer, Toyota’s products are well-known for their reliability and durability.

    With its compact and efficient design, the easily manoeuvrable GEH2®, was created with the purpose of suiting any environment or sector from mining and construction to events, telecom, EV charging or back-up power. The GEH2® can also be stacked together, complement diesel or gas generators, and event connect to the grid, all whilst reducing CO2 emissions.

    The coupling of the Toyota fuel cell and lithium-ion iron phosphate battery enables the GEH2® to generate close to 80 kW of electricity, decrease noise emissions, and offer instant power. The GEH2®, designed by French specialist in hydrogen power solutions EODev, produces zero CO2, HC, NOx and fine particle emissions.

    EODev CEO, Jérémie Lagarrigue, commented on the importance of hire and rental companies like Kennards Hire offering and legitimising hydrogen and net zero solutions, to promote wider adoption.

    “At EODev, our strong belief is that innovation will only be meaningful if it is shared and made accessible to the widest possible audience.”

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