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Case Studies


AUG 2019

The Gawler East Link Road (GELR) project was announced in the 2015-16 South Australian Budget.

The GELR is critical to the expansion of the Gawler East area, supporting future residential growth and will provide essential infrastructure for an estimated 3,500 new dwellings to be constructed in Gawler East, Gawler South, and Evanston Park, which is expected to bring an additional 8,400 residents into the area. The Gawler East Link Road will also provide an alternate route for existing residents in Gawler East to access Main North Road, helping to reduce vehicle traffic through the Gawler Town Centre.

Contracted by SA’s Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI), civil engineering and construction firm Bardavcol, manages the planning, design and execution of the $55 million project. .

Removal of street lights through road widening

Having removed all existing street lights on a portion of road, and with all overhead cables shifted underground, Rowland needed a temporary lighting solution that would allow work to go ahead on a large intersection on the new link.

This challenge was compounded by the proposed intersection sitting close to housing, which meant the lighting source needed to be much quieter than standard lighting towers run on loud diesel generators.

The Need for a Green Solution

This challenge was compounded by the proposed intersection sitting close to housing, which meant the lighting source needed to be much quieter than standard lighting towers run on loud diesel generators.

The DPTI requested that Bardavcol source an alternative energy source, given the feedback from the local community regarding the disruption from traditional generators used prior along Main North Road, and their positive response to the greener alternatives.

After investigating a number of options for Tim, Matt Jenkins, Business Development Manager at Kennards Hire suggested an on-site zero-emission solution: solar lighting towers.

Tim knew straight away that the product was perfect for his team’s needs.

“There was no noise, no ongoing maintenance, no moving and no turning on and off. They emitted sufficient light to meet the requirements, and there was no diesel and zero emissions,” he said.

Kennards Hire delivered four lighting tower units, which were spaced around the intersection site. And to keep them running through the cooler winter months, provided an additional solar panel to gain more charge.

Collaboration for Streamlined Projects

The quiet lighting towers meant Bardavcol could complete construction of the intersection without disturbing nearby residents during night shifts, while also being more environmentally friendly.

Tim said he’s all about working together to get the job done, which is why partnering with Kennards Hire resulted in such an effective solution.

He says the Kennards Hire team put a lot of effort into making sure the lights were angled to maximise exposure to sunlight. “I wanted it to work well and I was happy for the guys to change positions as it’s a brand new product.”

Tim said that he looks forward to working with Kennards Hire again soon.

“I’m really happy with Matt and the team. We had a lot of Kennards Hire smaller plant already, and the service has been really good and honest. I’ll be using Kennards Hire on future projects.”

Solar LIghting Towers Ideal for a Range of Tasks

Whether it’s for civil works, major events and promotions, roadworks, film sets or any job where exhaust emissions and engine noise restrictions are in place, our solar-charged, battery-powered LED lighting towers are fit for purpose.

Find out more by contacting Business Development Manager Matt Jenkins at mattjenkins@kennards.com.au or calling 135 135.


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