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Our aim has always been to provide excellent service and be the best hire company, not the biggest.

Our suppliers are our partners

They're all unbeatable legends

Together, we put our customers first

Our suppliers provide the newest tools, best equipment and training, and give us unbeatable support. In turn we hire those same best brands to our customers … knowing that they’re high quality, reliable and perfect for the job at hand.

That’s how we make their job easy. And we keep on doing it, day after day.

Over time, those suppliers become partners. No. Mates … that’s how much we value them. Together we work on innovations, products and solutions that help solve problems and break new ground.

Cool new things

We’ve been the first to market many times. But without partners, that wouldn’t have happened. Together we’ve designed, manufactured and customised products to suit our customers.

There’s also been times when we’ve seen a need, built something to suit and introduced it to the market ourselves. Our innovative Hammer Trolley won a New Inventions award when it hit the market.

Our Research and Development (R&D) department is pretty cool too. They identify, explore, research and test new products. The fun part is testing them to break … all in a good day’s work we say!

They only ever make it through if they prove themselves…

Rental company of the yearHire Company - Kennards HireA Family Owned Australian Business

So began Kennards Hire, which has grown into one of Australia's largest and most respected hire companies, with over 149 branches in Australia and New Zealand.

Mates celebrating

It’s great to enjoy good times with mates. We celebrate ours.

Every two years we put on a fancy night (AKA Gala Awards Night) for our suppliers to say ‘Thanks’ for the help they give us during the year.  We also give out awards that mean a lot – to us, and them.

Our four key awards are rooted in our company values and beliefs

The 'Fair Dinkum' Award

The 'Every Customer is a Raving Fan' Award

Honours the supplier who

  • delivers on their promises
  • is reliable, upfront and honest

Honours the supplier who

  • has outstanding customer service
  • best satisfies customer needs
The 'One Family' Award 'The 'Taking Hire Higher' Award

Honours the supplier who

  • continually displays support and trust
  • is mutual respectful and cares

Honours the supplier who

  • pushes continuous improvement
  • helps Kennards by bringing new ideas and solutions to the market

Working with mates you trust means that together, you achieve great things. And of course, the celebrations are great too!

“Being the best means you are raising the standards of the whole industry. You’re actually improving the industry, and you’re forcing competitors to improve their service.”

~ Andy Kennard



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