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Case Studies


NOV 2021

Account Manager, Khalil Dahbeche

When poultry producer Baiada suffered a major mechanical breakdown at the Mt Kuring-Gai Steggles plant workshop, maintenance staff needed an air compressor urgently. They knew they could rely on Kennards Hire for help.

Despite current supply shortages combined with high demand, we had to find a solution to ensure we continued to support our customers operations. Account manager, Khalil Dahbeche, was able to quickly source a replacement from a trusted supplier. The air compressor was delivered to the Sydney plant the following morning, and the workshop was back in action by midday.

Not every hire company would have gone to the extent of actually buying new equipment for a specific job, but Khalil saw it as an opportunity to demonstrate Kennards Hire's capabilities and commitment to customers.

“It enabled them to continue their operation and got them out of an emergency situation,” he said.

"It also shows the strength of the relationship we have with our suppliers, that we were able to source the equipment at very short notice."

Khalil said the air compressor hire was supposed to be for a week, but, "these things often snowball" and the air compressor was needed for much longer.

As the days turned into weeks, and then into months, Khalil suggested it would save Baiada time and money to install a fuel tank at the plant to re-fuel the hired air compressor on-site. The customer agreed, and he arranged delivery and set-up of the tank.

Helping Baiada meet COVID-19 challenges

Kennards Hire also worked with Baiada to solve challenges around changing workplace requirements when COVID-19 struck in early 2020.

The site services team were quick to set up temporary extra lunch rooms and offices at the Mt Kuring-Gai plant, so Baiada staff could meet social distancing requirements.

“Installing temporary on-site facilities meant they could have their full crew at work every day,” Khalil said.

“Being a food supplier, that was extremely important. It was just a relief to them that they could continue as usual without having to make major adjustments.

“There was so much going on with COVID but that was one aspect that they didn’t have to worry about. If there was an issue they only had to ring us up. What they got with Kennards Hire was peace of mind.”

Thanks, guys!

Baiada’s Maintenance Co-Ordinator, Yolande Hamilton, expressed her thanks for the great customer service, follow through and end-to-end support from Kennards Hire.

“You guys have really gone to great lengths to help out with some hire equipment, and delivered it in such a quick manner. You understand our business and we greatly appreciate the service you have provided!" she said.

“Once again we want to thank everyone at Kennards Hire for really going over and beyond for us.”

Compliments like this make the job worthwhile, Khalil said, and fit the Kennards Hire philosophy to turn customers into ‘raving fans’.

“Look after your customers. Go the extra mile. Ensuring every customer is a raving fan is one of our core values, and it’s a good value to have.”

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