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Our aim has always been to provide excellent service and be the best hire company, not the biggest.

Above and beyond

We'll do anything to satisfy our customers

Perhaps that’s because there’s a culture of above and beyond effort at Kennards Hire. And that creates raving fans.

While we don’t seek praise, every year we receive hundreds of comments about the extra efforts of our people … to make a customers’ job easier. Our history book is filled with their stories – all grown from our down-to-earth practicality, team work and genuine commitment to our purpose, values and beliefs.

We love getting the job done, and solving problems. If that means we need to reinvent, adapt, adopt, empower people to make the necessary decisions or just get in and fix it, we’ll do it.

That can-do attitude is a fan’s fantasy. And we dish it out in spades.

The best hire company in the world … best @ customer service!

I have spent the last 8 years living and operating a business in Ireland. During that time, I was laying paved driveways, doing landscaping jobs and maintaining residential estates. There was one company that stood out there for service – a company called Tobermore. They manufactured and supplied pavers to Ireland and England and their service, I believed, was second to none.

While living in the ‘States for 4 years in the 1990’s, there was no company that really stood out for service although, overall, the American companies offered far greater service than Ireland.

I have just completed a three week program in Ku-Ring-Gai which is the ‘Garden Capital’ of Sydney, if not Australia. During that time, I was hiring equipment from your company, Kennards, to complete the program. I had eighty one lawns to mow, dethatch, aerate, fertilise and top-dress. The program was ‘date-sensitive’ and hold-ups were not an option - AT ALL. I must add that the work undertaken is tough on the machines; working on hard grounds as we’ve had little rain.

On several occasions, I had problems - mowers choking because of clogged air filters, de-thatchers falling apart, belts coming off coring machines; over a three week period, there were about 8-10 incidents that threatened to hold me up. On every occasion, your Hornsby team was at my site within the hour, swapping the machine. Not once did the service from your team at Hornsby falter.

I must point out that, on one occasion, I rang your Manager, Paul, to report a breakdown. At the time, he only had two people at the branch - one of his team was off work with a sick child, another had an RDO. Yet, he had a team member at my site within an hour to replace the machine.

The point of my letter is - at no time in those three weeks was I delayed by your company. The service received by your Hornsby branch was unwavering and of the highest standard I have ever received … ANYWHERE … IN THE WORLD! This compels me to say that the service Kennards Hire offers is the best in the world! What makes me happier is the knowledge that Kennards is Australian - 100% True Blue.

My program was completed ON TIME. My thanks go to you, Mr Kennard, for having the systems in place to provide such a high quality of service. I would also like to thank Paul, the Branch Manager, his 2IC, Jay and the rest of his team for the excellent help they gave me.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Carter

Green-keeping Services

Customer service to RAVE about

I recently hired a concrete grinder, edger and vacuum from Richard and the guys at Belmont Concrete Care.

I was a little bit reticent to hire the gear after some fairly average customer service from Balcatta Hire Centre where they made me feel a bit silly for not knowing exactly what I was talking about. However, Richard and all the guys at Belmont Concrete Care were incredibly helpful and kind. I haven’t had such good customer service in Perth in a very long time.

I think you have a fantastic team at Belmont Concrete Care and they should be commended for their service!


Nathan Conway

Telling all my friends

I would like to compliment your Myaree, Western Australian branch on superb and friendly service. I hired a trailer from them yesterday and experienced issues with my vehicle trailer plug. Rather than turn me away the boys spent time fixing it for me so that I could get on the road – and were smiling and friendly the whole time!

As a director of a quality assurance consultancy I am keenly interested in, and mostly critical of many company’s efforts in delighting their customers. Your guys did this and made me want to use you again as well as tell all my friends how good you are.

Keep up the good work Myaree!

Best Regards,

Mike Burton

HSEQ Solutions Pty Ltd 

A totally remarkable year

I wanted to take the time out and thank you guys for an amazing year of support.

Kennard’s attitude to our needs has been remarkable and most importantly always delivered. As our relationship began and we meet I am pleased to say we are currently at the stage I thought we would be at which is securing you guys as our only supplier of Generator hire and now early in the new year moving into lifting gear as well. From there as discussed, I believe by June 2014 you will be a one stop shop for Convatech.

Both Brett and myself have stepped this out perfectly with being able to deliver always in the fore front of our minds.

I have to say that all of the staff I have had the pleasure to deal with have been ultimate professionals. The respect I have for Kennard’s as a group is something earnt not a given however aside from value for money, a prompt delivery the one key ingredient I asked for was compliance.

There has not been a single issue all year which is totally remarkable given the industries we both work in however that is what I needed from a Generator supplier.

As discussed with you I have no doubt your business with Convatech has quickly elevated your great name within the mining industry as we are terrific advertisement given the respect we have as a business nationally.

I have no doubt you will be the biggest fish in the ocean and will be untouchable going into 2014 and I am very proud that I have personally been heavily involved to make that happen which has been one of the most rewarding projects I have been involved with all year.

I never like to single out anyone in an operation that plenty behind the scenes make magic happen but I will never get sick of praising the effort that Brett Collier has delivered. He is contactable 24/7 and is always positive to the task at hand never once putting anything in the too hard basket. When you develop a relationship of trust that Brett and myself have built it boarders more on friendship and that makes our business flow very easy.

His PR skills are as good as I have with a supplier and Kennard’s have certainly gone above and beyond inviting me and colleagues to several function which is the biggest boost any business needs as that is time to relax when you’re not in the heat of the battle at work. The functions I have been involved with have open the doors to other avenues we are about to explore so they are a key ingredient for success.

Again please thank everyone involved with Kennard’s and we have all heard KENNARDS MAKES YOUR JOB EASY well mate you have certainly saved plenty of grey hairs appearing in 2013 and I look forward to giving you guys my full support in 2014.

To all of the Kennard’s Staff I hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas with your family and friends.

Kind Regards,

Jason Purcell


Outstanding Service

My name is Bob Crielly. I am a customer of Kennards. Today, I hired a piece of equipment to move paving stones and unfortunately, my helper suffered an injury so was unable to help me. I am sending you this message to convey my appreciation of the help that I received from two members of your fantastic team.

Fillipe, and one of his staff came out to my home and moved 12 pallets of pavers from the verge on the front street to my rear garden. This is outstanding service from those men and I wish you to know how grateful I am for this help while I was off-site.

It is not for me to say but I believe these men should be recognised within your organisation as role models in light of their willingness to help me out of a tight corner.

Many thanks and best regards.

Bob Crielly

GE Oil & Gas

Your service makes the difference

I have had the pleasure of hiring equipment from your Fyshwick outlet and write to you to make mention of that experience.

I have been provided service by Mike, Dave and Drew and can only tell you that they were outstanding. Mike recognised me from one previous visit, greeted me by name and had my record up on your computer system before I had told him what I needed.

I explained what I was trying to do, and Mike recommended a different machine to me to what I had intended, as he thought it was a better solution – and it was – a Dingo versus a stump grinder.

I had problems on site with one piece of equipment and they attended, replaced the machine and had me going in record time. Not only that, but they compensated me for the inconvenience! And they removed the machine from a very difficult spot, which I had placed it in and could not get it out.

These chaps could not have been more friendly or customer focused, or more polite and they went out of their way to make sure I had what I needed.

This is the difference. While you have competitors in the equipment hire industry, and they will negotiate on price and conditions, those things are not the only factors to me as a customer. What does mean a lot to me is the treatment I receive. These fellows made me feel special – I was their only priority, and that is why I will go back to see them.

Whatever hiring policy and training regimes you have in place, from my experience, I can feed back to you that they are working. You have the right people in place to provide a service to people like me.

I commend these fellows to you and thank them for making me feel like their only priority.

Nic van den Berg

Above my expectations

Just wanted to drop a quick email to thank you Kennards, and Troy Clauss.

I have been hiring message boards on and off for the past 18 months through the traffic branch at Woodridge and have always been happy with the service, and the guys always seem to help us out regardless of the short notice at times. We haven’t hired a lot of times maybe 10-15 times during that period, but what Troy did for me last week went well and truly above my expectations.

Long story short I have an 11 year old blind dog who escaped and was missing. I know he is only a dog to some but to me he is the probably the most important thing in my life (which my fiancé hates). I had put flyers up everywhere in my estate but due to the size and proximity to major roads I wasn’t having any success.

I rang and spoke to Troy and told him of my situation to see if he might look after me a bit on price if I got a board to put on the major road, without hesitation Troy said don’t worry about the cost I’ll drop it around now. I was speechless and already quite emotional I actually cried. Sure enough 1 hour later the boys dropped it around set it up and 3 hours later I got a call from a lady who had seen him running into the bush. I never even started looking in this location until then. 90 mins of hiking later

I found my dog.

People are always quick to complain but never really compliment people. Like I said the service I normally receive is always good, but this was remarkable. I couldn’t thank Troy enough on the day and will be forever indebted. I may have found him either way but I may not have either.

I have since told many people my story and Troy’s generosity, and shared your Facebook page. I know it’s not much but it’s the very least I can do.

Thanks again Troy.

Peter Johns

Store Manager

Thanks and kind regards

Oxley Team | The Good Guys

More than expected

I would like to express my appreciation for a phone call I received from Darren Shaw from Kennards, Narre Warren. Darren was travelling down the Eastlink yesterday when he observed three of our traffic controllers congregated around an arrowboard looking rather perplexed.

Darren immediately pulled over and called me to see whether I had heard of any of my TC’s having any arrowboard issues, in which I had not at that stage. Darren then proceeded to reverse his vehicle back to assist our crew. A simple push of the reset button brought the arrowboard to life.

Many thanks for your time and assistance.


Hayden de Dulin

Senior Operations Supervisor — Keysborough


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