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Samantha Macansh

Chief Financial Officer

Samantha Macansh started as Kennards Hire’s CFO in August 2017. She began her finance career working primarily in the manufacturing and retail industries within companies such as Coles Myer and Woolworths along with the General Pants Group. Having grown up on a property in northern NSW, Samantha returned to her roots and spent five years establishing a listed agribusiness that grew and exported soft commodities globally.

Samantha plays a key managerial role, overseeing the business’ strategic growth and development, along with being responsible for the management of financial operations and business program office. With her extensive experience as a company secretary she supports the Board of Kennards Hire to maintain their efficient operation and to ensure their decisions are implemented.

Samantha has completed a degree in Commerce and a Masters of Business from Monash University. When talking on the role of Company Secretary she undertook a postgraduate degree in Corporate Governance.

Samantha is a fellow of Certified Practicing Accountants (CPA) and is a member of the Governance Institute of Australia.She is also a Board Member of Child Writes Fund - a charitable foundation that seeks to empower children to navigate their future through writing and illustrating.

Outside of the financial industry, Samantha has been a member of the Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Association for more than 15 years and enjoys creative pursuits. She also loves to explore the great outdoors, hiking through different parts of the globe.

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/samantha-macansh-64485b19/


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