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Site Equipment

Kennards Hire has every part of your worksite covered, with all you need for ground cover, site accommodation, weather protection and more. We know that any number of tradies or subbies on a site will need something different, so we have made sure our site equipment comprises every tool needed for all eventualities.


You'll need ground protection mats if you're using heavy machinery that needs firm, stable ground or traction in mud and sand. They're also helpful if your client has requested you don't rip up their lawn.

Virtually eliminating damage to grass and landscaped areas, these mats are ideal when working on golf courses, cemeteries, drilling, public parks, etc. The 12.5mm thick polyethylene comes in various sizes and easily withstands a 50 metric tonne load.

Around the site

Whether your site is a driveway or highway, there is road equipment at Kennards Hire to suit your job. Barricades come in a variety of materials and sizes, for many different applications, from heavy-duty traffic applications to light pedestrian control barricades.

The heavier barriers include: concrete barriers, triton traffic barriers and water-filled barriers. Water-filled barriers are lightweight when unfilled, and can form effective barricades in malls, airports, etc.

Light barricades include modular temporary fencing, and pedestrian and crowd control barriers in flat stack plastic or galvanised steel. There are also expandable barricades for sealing off a work area, and plenty of signs and other traffic control equipment to keep people and vehicles where you want them around work sites.

Aside from keeping people clear of hazards, another easy way to ensure site safety is to hire enough bins to make sure there is no rubbish or debris lying around. Kennards Hire has waste bins in various sizes to accommodate your needs.

Keeping under cover

There are certain things on a job site that are just better kept undercover, whether it's the foreman's office, or the toilet. Kennards Hire provides portable onsite solutions for every need. We have moveable site accommodation to provide offices for planners, site safety officers, or a lunchroom, fully lined and complete with kitchenette If there are more practical needs to be attended to, our portable showers and towable freshwater toilets can provide your site with the comforts needed.

If your job or materials need to be covered for protection from weather, Kennards Hire has tarpaulins in several sizes that will do the job. Whether you are covering a mound of sand or an unroofed house, there is a suitable tarp for you.

Other applications for tarpaulins are emergency cover, perhaps after a storm or damage to a property, and also as a windbreak for work sites or outdoor functions. Don't forget that multiple tarps can be lashed together to cover a greater area.

Site monitoring

Make sure your site is safe, and that the job is being done to the right specs. Kennards Hire has all the site safety, measuring and testing tools you will need. With levels, walking measures, cameras, metal detectors, gas monitors and more available, if there's anything you need to test or measure, you can guarantee we carry a tool to do the job.

At Kennards Hire our customer safety and satisfaction is a number one priority, and we work hard to make sure your work isn't hard. If you're unsure about what site equipment you might need for your job, or if you need a quote to sort out a contract, come on down to your local Kennards Hire - we've got the knowledge and products that you need.


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