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Code: 9003839

This micro noise dosimeter (dBadge), is designed to satisfy all current workplace noise protocol methods for the collection of personal noise data. Each unit simultaneously stores the noise levels in such a way that the dose values can be obtained with both the widely used exchange rates (or Q factor) using the 3 and 5 dB doubling rates. This means that a single measurement run can be taken and the noise levels assessed. Four time history profiles are saved with the Q=3 and Q=5 time average value plus the C and the Z peak levels. The dosimeter calculates and displays the % noise dose value plus the Lavg for the run. This dosimeter will be an ideal unit for industrial hygienists or company safety officers charged with monitoring the noise exposure of workers particularly in situations where a conventional noise dosimeter with a remote cable microphone might not be the most convenient method.

NATA Certified Calibrators also available.

Required Transport and Safety Equipment Legends:
  • It will fit in your car It will fit in your car
  • Suitable eye protection is required Suitable eye protection is required
  • Protective gloves are required Protective gloves are required

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Main Features

  • Lockable for security
  • Criterion level (dB): Any level between 70 and 90 in 1 dB steps
  • Red and blue LED’s showing level noise exceedances during run
  • Storage Interval: Fixed 1 minute for all 4 results simultaneously
Weight 68g
Dimensions 72mm L x 42mm W x 52mm H
Threshold level Any levels from 70 to 90 in 1 dB steps
Frequency weightings A for rms values plus Z and C for peak measurements
Exchange rate 5 and 3 simultaneously
Battery Life 32 hours continuous
Range 65 to a full 140 dB
Accuracy ANSI S1.25, IEC61252 2002 Personal sound exposure meters
Memory At least 180 hours at 4 profiles every minute
Time weightings Slow for Q=5 data plus non for Q=3 data as required for standards
Battery Charging Time 90mins
General Safety Guide. pdf Format (File Size 413.4 KB)
You will need the Acrobat Reader in order to read it.
To Download it click on the button below and follow the installation instructions.
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Popular Applications

  • Used in the workplace for the collection of personal noise data

Terms & Condtions

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- Operators manual to be read prior to operating this machine.

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  • Any delivery amount displayed is ‘one-way’ and for one load only. If multiple vehicles are required, we will contact you prior.

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