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    Kennards Hire now offers a stress-free option for returning equipment.

    What is After Hours Returns?

    Kennards Hire now offers an After Hours Returns service, at selected branches throughout our network, so you don’t have to worry about returning equipment, when the branches are open. This allows you to concentrate on the job at hand, and not the clock.

    It’s just another way that we make your job easy, by allowing you to return equipment at any time of the day, night or weekend. Simply focus on doing what you have to do, and return the gear when you’re done. Does this allow you to stress less? Ken Oath!

    How Does It Work?

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    Step 1
    Book equipment online or via local branch
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    Step 2
    Discuss After Hours Returns with your local branch
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    Step 3
    Receive unique PIN via SMS
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    Step 4
    Use PIN to access After Hours Returns branch

    After Hours Returns Process

    How You Benefit

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    Concentrate on Getting the Job Done
    No more stressing about traffic, or school pick ups. Simply concentrate on getting the job done no matter what time of day it is.
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    Return Equipment at Your Convenience
    Return the equipment at your convenience, once the job is complete, no matter what time of day (or evening) it is.
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    Return Your Equipment When You’re Done
    Working at night is enough of a challenge in itself. Now you can return equipment as soon as you are done with it instead of waiting to return equipment in the morning.

    Branches Offering After Hours Returns

    Visit our Find a Branch page to search for the closest After Hours Returns branch to your location.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In preparation:

    1. Discuss After Hours Returns option a with Kennards Hire team member.
    2. If After Hours Returns is the best option, a unique PIN will be allocated.
    3. The team member will provide any relevant information around the location in the branch where the equipment is to be returned, along with any other specific guidance, e.g., use of the crane, vehicle and trailer return bays, etc.
    4. The unique PIN will be provided to you via SMS, along with access to supporting information.
    5. Then, focus on your job or project, and not the clock.

    When returning equipment:

    1. Open the gate with your PIN followed by #.
    2. Allow the automatic gate to open or manually open the gate, depending on the type of gate at the respective branch.
    3. Drive in following the branch map or arrows and return equipment in Equipment Zone as marked, park vehicles or trailers in the designated Vehicle & Trailer Zone. If returning a trailer, ensure it is chocked, the handbrake applied and jockey wheel locked in downward position.
    4. If picking equipment up, proceed to the designated pickup area as instructed when PIN was issued.
    5. If using the branch crane please read instructions carefully and return the crane to the stowed position.
    6. Vehicle or equipment keys should be placed in the Key Drop Box on return. When exiting the branch, re-open the gate with your PIN followed by #, or manually close the gate on exit. Ensure the gates have locked after you have exited the branch.
    7. If you need assistance please call the branch specific number, located on the branch gate sign or previously provided supporting information.
    8. To discuss the After Hours Returns option for your situation, contact the team at your local Kennards Hire branch.

    After Hours Returns terms and conditions apply.

    There is also an option to potentially pick up equipment, outside of the normal branch trading hours as well.

    To discuss the After Hours Returns option for your situation, contact the team at your local Kennards Hire branch.